Itel A25 smartphone completely hacked, cannot be unlocked also

Though internet companies want people to use smartphones and apps, the fact is that smartphones are not very reliable
For example the Itel A25 purchased more than one year ago cannot be used since it is difficult to unlock it.
It appears that a wifi network is used to hack the smartphone and prevent unlocking
Since the phone cannot be unlocked, all the features are wasted
Additionally the mobile phone connection costing Rs 479 for 28 days is also getting wasted
So the domain investor is forced to purchase a new smartphone, spending more money
Since the smartphone was mainly used for mobile internet , switching smartphones will not require much change, if apps were installed it will create more problems.

Givvy short reels cannot be used in India

One of the more popular new ways of making money online is watching videos
Givvy short reels is promoted on Givvy Radio as a way to make some additional money online
Yet after installing the app, if the user tries to register, the user is asked for their Tiktok id
Since Tiktok is banned in India, indian users cannot register using the app
Otherwise it could be a good way to make some money online

Cannot download apps on Lyf Flame smartphone

Due to the government slavery, financial fraud, the domain investor is making a great loss this year.
The banking fraudster raw/cbi employees remain extremely aggressive in causing losses to the domain investor who they ruthlessly cheated, exploited, robbed
In addition to hacking the computers they are also hacking the smartphones purchased.
The domain investor is trying to download some apps on the lyf flame smartphone.
While the first app was downloaded most of the other apps are not getting downloaded, the download is automatically getting paused.

Stormgain verification sms not received in india

Since indian government agencies refuse to end their government slavery, financial fraud, and are robbing data of private citizens to make fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud employees , the real domain investor, government slavery victim is making a huge loss.
To cover up the loss the real domain investor is trying various methods to reduce the loss.
Stormgain is one of the websites, which pays users for mining.
Yet showing how ruthless the wellpaid raw/cbi employees are in committing fraud on the government slavery victim, even the verification sms is not delivered in India\
The domain investor, indian government slavery victim tried using two different telecoms, vodafone, airtel, for both the connections the sms was not delivered