Sade’s song “smooth operator” best describes CHARMING cunning top indian government employees who find cheating single women a game

Most of the top indian government employees are upper caste, charming and speak sweetly.
Yet they are like the conman in Sade’s 1984 song “smooth operator” best describes cunning top indian government employees cheating older single women
Showing that top indian government employees are “smooth operators” high class charming conmen like in the Sade song “smooth operator” their “eyes are like angels, yet the heart is cold”. For these government employees cheating and looting single women is a thrilling game.

So though the real domain investor, a single woman is making great losses, cold-hearted ruthless top government employees like puneet, tushar parekh,j srinivasan,vijay do not have any pity on her, refuse to purchase the domains and continue their great online, financial fraud faking domain ownership after faking friendship with the single woman who they actually hate.

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