No ads being shown for music/radio app

The music/radio app was fairly lucrative since the user could make $0.122 daily only listening to radio/music daily.
However, it appears that there is a shortage of advertisements for the last few days
Usually only after viewing the ad or watching the video, the user can listen to radio or music.
In the last few days, the users are getting the message, there are no ads available, please try later.
So the users are making very less money listening to radio/music at present.

Get paid for streaming videos, music, radio

Make upto $0.086 daily only for streaming radio, music on a cheap smartphone for 6 hours daily.
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Daily users can also make at least $0.06 streaming video for 30 minutes
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Binance app still available on Google play though url is blocked in India

A majority of indian Binance users are using the Binance app on their smartphone.
Though the mainstream media has covered the blockage of Binance, Kucoin and other crypto exchanges extensively, they have not mentioned that only the url is blocked, for users accessing the exchanges using their browser.
Smartphone users can still download and install the app from Google play on 13 th January 2024

Tapestri balance suddenly reduces after Givvy music rewards are withdrawn

Though security agencies are hysterically making fake allegations without any proof, the smartphones are mainly purchased to test the different apps. in the google playstore. Tapestri was paying $0.01 daily for using the app.
Yet due to hacking the reviewer could not withdraw the balance and also change her details
The reviewer had also installed Givvy music and could withdraw the balance at $0.35. Yet showing the extent of hacking the Tapestri balance suddenly decreased by more than $0.30 and the amount was not credited to the account.
This shows why smartphones are not very reliable for financial transactions.

Paytm automatically installed on new Android phone

Due to the massive resume robbery, identity theft racket of top indian government employees who hate the domain investor, single woman engineer, almost no bank in india is willing to enable internet banking for the engineer
So the engineer has not installed any indian payment app, she is mainly using for watching videos, browsing websites on her smartphone, which is faster than the desktop
Yet showing the extent of the harassment the engineer faces, Paytm app was automatically installed on her smartphone remotely

Cannot save Airtel and Vi number for Mobirich app

SMS sending and receiving apps are paying well.
However due to Android hacking some users cannot use Mobirich on their phone
Despite the best efforts both the Airtel and Vi number are not getting saved on the Mobirich app on the Mi phone.
A lot of time is getting wasted, yet the numbers are not getting saved.
Due to government financial fraud, SLAVERY in the indian internet sector, the domain investor has very less money to purchase new phones

Itel A25 smartphone completely hacked, cannot be unlocked also

Though internet companies want people to use smartphones and apps, the fact is that smartphones are not very reliable
For example the Itel A25 purchased more than one year ago cannot be used since it is difficult to unlock it.
It appears that a wifi network is used to hack the smartphone and prevent unlocking
Since the phone cannot be unlocked, all the features are wasted
Additionally the mobile phone connection costing Rs 479 for 28 days is also getting wasted
So the domain investor is forced to purchase a new smartphone, spending more money
Since the smartphone was mainly used for mobile internet , switching smartphones will not require much change, if apps were installed it will create more problems.

Givvy short reels cannot be used in India

One of the more popular new ways of making money online is watching videos
Givvy short reels is promoted on Givvy Radio as a way to make some additional money online
Yet after installing the app, if the user tries to register, the user is asked for their Tiktok id
Since Tiktok is banned in India, indian users cannot register using the app
Otherwise it could be a good way to make some money online

Cannot download apps on Lyf Flame smartphone

Due to the government slavery, financial fraud, the domain investor is making a great loss this year.
The banking fraudster raw/cbi employees remain extremely aggressive in causing losses to the domain investor who they ruthlessly cheated, exploited, robbed
In addition to hacking the computers they are also hacking the smartphones purchased.
The domain investor is trying to download some apps on the lyf flame smartphone.
While the first app was downloaded most of the other apps are not getting downloaded, the download is automatically getting paused.