With this surefire remedy of Saturday, the grace of Shani Dev remains with you all the time.

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Kolkata : Saturday is considered a special day of worship of Lord Shani Dev. Oil must be offered on the idol of Shani Dev on this day. Due to this the effect of Saturn in the horoscope is auspicious. In astrology, Shani Dev is called the giver of justice and karma. He gives fruits to all according to their deeds. The life of those on whom they are angry becomes hell. That’s why not everyone gets angry with Shani. There are many ways to make them happy. Shanidev is pleased with this. Let’s know some surefire ways to please Shani Dev:-

Saturday Remedies…

  • Establish Shani Yantra and worship it on Saturday. After this, worship Shani Yantra every day with the law. Shanidev will be pleased with this. By his grace all the work will be completed.

* Offer blue or black flowers by lighting a mustard oil lamp in front of Shani Yantra every day.
* On Saturday, apply roli on the head of a black cow and perform puja and aarti by tying Kalava on their horns. Now circumambulate that cow and feed her 4 laddus of Bundi.
Donate black clothes on Saturday
On Saturday, help the poor or handicapped by giving them money etc.
Worship Hanuman ji after sunset on Saturday. This will please Shani Dev.
Light a mustard oil lamp under a banyan and peepal tree at sunset on Saturday. After that offer milk and burn incense. By the grace of Shani, all the problems will be solved by this.


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