Jio DATA Booster Plan – Internet 2022 will run even after Jio data is over

Jio Data Booster Plan Friends, if your Jio internet data gets exhausted. So we are going to give you the information about how you can run internet in high speed again from it. By which friends whenever your Jio internet data plan gets exhausted. So you can enjoy the internet again and your internet service does not stop, then if you also want to learn to run internet after your Jio data is exhausted. So read the article given below carefully, in which you have been given complete information in detail.

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How to run internet even after jio data is exhausted?

If your Jio internet data runs out and you still want to enjoy internet, then Jio has started some of its data booster service for this. Using which you can easily run internet with your existing plan. In this, you will continue to get the same speed that you were getting with your recharge earlier, so how can you add Jio booster plan with your recharge and where you will get Jio booster plan, we will tell you in detail here then Jio Booster To add the plan, follow the procedure given below.

Jio data booster service

How to start Booster plan after Jio data is exhausted?

If your existing Jio recharge data gets exhausted then you have to start your Jio Booster recharge plan immediately. You get 1GB, 2GB, 6GB, 12GB, data booster plans which you can use with your existing plan and enjoy the Jio internet plan easily, in this you will continue to get the same speed as you used to before Jio internet. was getting along

Which are the Jio data booster plans?

If you do not know about Jio Data Booster Plan, then here we are going to tell you the names of all of them. Ginnie Jio Data Booster Plan You can use the internet even after your data is exhausted, so here you have been told all those Jio data booster plans.

Jio Booster Plan

1 gb JIO DATA Booster Plan?

The smallest Jio data booster plan you get is 1GB. Its cost is ₹ 15, you can activate this data booster plan in just ₹ 15, in which you are given one GB internet and this internet expires with your existing plan.

2gb JIO DATA Booster Plan?

If you want to take 2GB Jio Booster plan, then for this you will have to spend ₹ 25, you will be given 2gb internet for ₹ 25 and which will expire with your current running plan validity.

6GB JIO DATA Booster Plan?

Here a plan of 6GB has been made for all Jio users. In which 6GB data is given to Jio user if your internet is over. So you can install this 6 GB data booster plan and you can enjoy the internet, so GB data booster plan costs ₹ 61.

12 Jio Data Booster Plan?

If you need more internet access then you can use this 12 GB data booster plan which costs ₹ 121 and this existing plan will expire along with the validity of your old Jio plan.

How to Activate Jio DATA Booster Plan?

If you want to activate Jio data booster plan then follow the following procedure?

  • First of all you have to go to your mobile app.
  • Now you have to select recharge.
  • Here you will see the data booster plan, click on it.
  • Now you will be shown different data booster plans here, you have to choose a booster plan.
  • After selecting the data booster plan make the payment successfully.
  • After this your data booster plan will be activated.
  • Now you can run internet easily with this data booster plan.

Use Jio Data Voucher from website?

If you are not able to use the data voucher through the mobile app, then use the data voucher from the mobile app.

  • First of all you go to its website.
  • After opening the website, select Data Voucher.
  • Now you choose any one data voucher here.
  • Make the payment after selecting the data voucher.
  • Activate the data voucher after successful payment.
  • After the data voucher is activated, your internet process will start.


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Jio Data Booster Plan

FAQ JIO DATA Booster Plan?

What is Jio Data Booster Plan?

This Jio data booster plan is used after your internet is over.

How to Activate Jio Data Booster Plan?

You have to activate Jio data booster plan by going to your MyJio application.

Does Jio data booster plan get activated from mobile?

Yes You Can Activate Your Jio Data Booster Plan From Mobile

Does Jio data booster plan come with 1GB?

Yes, you also get 1GB Jio data booster plan in the beginning.

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