Ration Card New Update 2022

Ration Card New Update – Another big news for ration card holders Ration Card Niyam ) is coming out. It is being seen by the government that many ineligible persons are taking advantage of the free ration card. Whereas the right poor and economically backward families are not getting the benefit of free ration. So the government is going to issue a new rule for this in which ineligible people will have to surrender their ration card.

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Who will not be eligible for free ration scheme?

It has been told by the government that such people will not be considered eligible for the ration scheme, who have a plot of more than 100 square meters or have a four wheeler or tractor in the family and apart from this 200000 in the village and more than 300000 rupees in the city annually. Sources of income are present, these people will need to surrender their ration card by going to Tehsil and DSO office. If such ineligible persons do not surrender their ration card, then the government will appeal to them to surrender their ration card so that eligible people can get ration.

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These people will have to surrender the ration card?

Now this question must be coming in your mind that which person will have to surrender his ration card, then let us tell you here according to the information that in these families motor car holder, tractor holder, harvester, arms license holder, 5 acres More than land, income tax payers and families with annual income more than ₹ 2 lakh and in the city with annual income of more than ₹ 3 lakh will have to surrender their ration card as soon as possible, such people are not eligible for the ration card scheme.

Ration card Online Apply 2022

To apply ration card online, you must have a public service center, if you live in Uttar Pradesh, then you can apply for public service (Ration card Online Apply 2022).

Through the center you can get the e-district id and password, then when you get e-district password and id, apply step by step online!

Ration Card new rules overview

scheme nameration card scheme
article nameration card rules
beneficiaryAll poor and economically backward families
Service NameAll India Ration Card
Ration Card List Click Here
Ration Vitrak ChangeClick Here
Apply new Ration CardClick Here
Ration Card ListClick Here

Ration card apply online?

  • Click on Ration Card Service
  • Click on NFSA
  • Click on New Ration Card Application
  • Select your district and region and click on Next
  • Now fill in your basic information and complete the first step and click on Next
  • In the second step, enter your full address
  • In the third step, fill the complete details of your family members
  • In the 4th step, fill all the correct details of your bank and enter the IFSC code and fill the account number
  • Upload all the required documents in 5 step
  • Complete the information provided in the NFSA Criteria
  • View Final Recept and Lock Final
  • enter ration card number

Ration card surrender rule:

Note * As we tell you that the government has said to surrender the ration card, those people who are ineligible and are taking ration, those people have to surrender their ration card voluntarily. But for this, the government has not said to take any strict action against them, nor has it been asked to take fine from them, you should not pay attention to all these misleading things, but if you are ineligible, then surrender your ration card yourself. A strong appeal is made to you for

New Ration Card Niyam 2022

FAQs New Ration Card Niyam 2022

Who has to do Ration Card Surrender?

Ration card eligible families will have to surrender their ration card.

What happens if the ineligible person does not Surrender the Ration Card?

Ration will be compensated by the government from such person.

What is the new rule of ration card?

Under the new rule of ration card, ineligible persons are being removed from the eligibility of ration card.

Where can I get Ration Card Surrender done?

You can get Ration Card Surrender done by visiting your Food and Logistics Department office.

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