Ukraine now offers a visa regime for Russians. sangabad representative

News Daily Digital Desk: It has been almost four months since Russia invaded Ukraine last February. Needless to say, the relations between the two neighboring countries are at an all-time low. But under these circumstances, President Zelensky announced that from now on, visas would be issued to Russian citizens wishing to travel to Ukraine. From July 1, no Russian citizen will be able to enter the country without a visa. The rules in this regard are going to come into force soon.

In a Telegram post, Zelensky said the rules would go into effect as soon as they are passed by cabinet. He said that this scheme is to protect the sovereignty, security and territorial unity of the country. Knowledgeable sections consider this decision symbolic. Because the border between the two countries has been officially closed since the beginning of the war. As a result, even if the visa is introduced, the current situation will not change much.

[আরও পড়ুন: দেশে ১৩ হাজার ছাড়াল করোনার দৈনিক সংক্রমণ, বেড়েই চলেছে অ্যাকটিভ কেস]

It should be noted that Russian citizens did not need a visa to enter Ukraine before they entered the Russian military border on February 24. There is also kinship between the two countries. They used to come and visit each other. But the war has changed everything.
Meanwhile, Ukraine’s place in the European Union may be announced soon. Tensions are rising just before the visit of three major EU members to Kyiv. At the press conference, a direct question was thrown at Zelensky, “Will the EU give you what you want?” Zelensky made no further reply. Take the guests inside the palace.

Zelensky and three European heads of state attended a joint press conference with a stern message to Russia. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said: “We want an end to this oppression. Aslam alaikum. But Ukraine will defend itself at any cost. No diplomatic solution to the war is possible without Kyiv.”

[আরও পড়ুন: অগ্নিপথ ঘিরে অগ্নিগর্ভ দেশ, পরিস্থিতি সামাল দিতে বড় ঘোষণা কেন্দ্রের]

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