Truck driver claims aliens have chosen him to make contact with humans

Science does not say anything about the existence of aliens yet, but many people claim that there are aliens. The latest incident has come to light from Britain. There, a forklift truck driver from Bolton says that aliens have chosen him to contact humans. Michael Allen, 45, says that he has been interacting with aliens since he was young. They believe that aliens have also kidnapped them several times. It is worth noting that Michael creates detailed images of his kidnappers and he has also written a book on his experiences.

According to the Daily Star report, Michael is married. He is the father of two children. His wife has banned Michael from talking about aliens in the house. Michael says that in the 80s he accidentally attracted aliens to communicate.

He says that it will always be a mystery why the aliens chose him. Michael tells about his earliest memories about aliens that he was a child then. He was feeling a blow to his head. Michael thought he would have a mother. As soon as he opened his eyes, there was a gray alien in front of him.

Michael claims that when he was young, aliens once invited him to the garden near the house. He was a wildlife that Michael had never seen before. Michael says that gradually he understood that the aliens have chosen him for their mission. Michael believes that aliens may have been targeting his family for generations. He tells that his mother used to feel the same way. Michael says that he has gone to the spaceship of aliens. He does not remember very well, but the aliens had dragged him from a light to his spaceship.

Well, Michael is not the only one to make such a claim. An American man had also told a similar shocking thing. It was said that when he was 10 years old, he was abducted by aliens. The man had claimed that this kidnapping did not happen for a day or two but for a full 20 years and when the aliens sent him back in his life, then he was living at the same age at which he was kidnapped. was.

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