Tree Farming Profit – Farmers will earn crores by cultivating these three trees

Tree cultivation , Tree Farming Profit | Pedon Ki Kheti | Lakhpati will make cultivation of 3 trees.

Farmers are now facing a lot of difficulties in doing agricultural work, and the farmers are suffering a lot due to the change in the yield of crops. Now farmers are coming forward to cultivate trees because of this, from which they can get good profits.

If you are also a farmer and you want to know which species of trees you can earn good profit by planting, then we are here for you. 3 Cultivation of trees are about to tell, Cultivation of these 3 trees By doing this you can earn a lot and earn crores of rupees.

If the farmer brothers do this, then they will get to see the compensation for the loss of their crops from here and they will be able to earn good income by cultivating trees or cultivating trees and will be able to run their life smoothly, so let’s know. which one There are 3 trees farming by which you will be able to earn good income ,

article nameTree Farming
the gainFarmers get profit of lakhs from the cultivation of trees.
purposeEarn good income by cultivating trees
beneficiaryfarmer brother
Tree Farming Profit:crores of rupees
The year2022
Tree Farming Profit

What’s in this post?

Tree Farming Tips (Take care for the cultivation of trees)

if you Tree Farming If you are doing this, first of all you have to take special care of the weather where you are going to cultivate trees, how is the weather there and which of the following species of trees can be grown in the best way because the trees Cultivation is done on the basis of season.

Among the tree species, there are some trees which can become a source of good income and can give good profits to the farmers, the farmers who have already suffered a lot of losses will be compensated by cultivating trees, for example farmer brothers. Should produce the following tree species, in which profits can be earned by cultivating trees like Safeda, Teak tree, Mahogany, Gum necklace, etc.

Teak Trees Tree Farming?

let you know teak tree wood It is sold at the most expensive prices and least people can grow this tree, so if you cultivate it. So you can earn good income, for cultivating teak tree, you have to take care of some things. As such, you have to take care of the trees because the teak trees get thick enough in about 12 years which is enough for harvesting.

If you plant more than 500 trees of teak, then after 12 years you can get profit in crores because the price of this wood is highest in the market. And the wood of the teak tree is sold the most expensive, many state governments also provide financial help to the farmers for this, so you can also contact your agriculture office for this.

Lal Chandan Tree Farming?

You would know that the wood of the red sandalwood tree is considered very rare and important because it is found only in rare areas of India, it has a special effect of weather on it and red sandalwood It is sold at the cost of crores, not lakhs, it is a cash crop which can bring profit in crores of rupees.

Red sandalwood tree can be seen only in the southern parts of Eastern Ghats of India Red sandalwood is known by many names but its scientific name is Pterocarpus santalinus.

Cultivation of Mahogany Trees?

Let us tell you that the wood of the mahogany tree is very strong and it is used the most in making furniture, apart from this, there are many types of beautiful sculptures made of mahogany wood and apart from this it is also used in ships to make home furniture. in or even in home decoration use of mahogany wood is excessive.

Mahogany wood takes about 12 years to develop, after which many types of medicines are made from the leaves and bark of this tree, apart from this soap and many types of insecticidal oils are also made after 12 years. The cost of wood of this tree is in lakhs of rupees.

tree cultivation
tree cultivation

FAQs tree cultivation 2022

Why should farmers start cultivating trees?

Farming on trees is beneficial for the losses that the farmers are facing in the coming time.

By cultivating which trees, farmers will get good benefits?

Teak trees, red sandalwood trees, mahogany trees, apart from this there are many other trees which will benefit the farmers well.

What are the benefits of teak trees?

If the farmer plants teak trees, then after 12 years it can benefit in lakhs but crores of rupees.

Does the government provide assistance for planting teak trees?

Many state governments provide assistance for planting teak trees.

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