This foreign group was behind hacking of government websites in Maharashtra, attacked more than 70 sites

Website Hack in Maharashtra: Four days ago, about 3 government websites in Maharashtra were hacked by hackers. After which the Cyber ​​Cell started investigating the matter and according to police sources, the most shocking thing that has come to the fore in the investigation so far is that the hacking group. "Hacked by one hat cyber team" What is it “Pro Palestine sympathiser” Group is. Although the police have not yet found out in which corner of the world this hacking may have been done.

The field of cyber hacking is huge and there are many hacker groups in it who somehow support a particular ideology or country and do hacking for the same ideology or country.

More than 70 websites were attacked

He further said, we have restored many websites and many websites are yet to be done. More than 70 websites have been attacked, in which 3 are government websites and apart from this, if university private colleges are combined, then the number of hacked websites will exceed 500. No important data has been stolen in this entire hacking. It is a matter of great concern regarding national security but the cyber cell is ready for it.

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