The French city went to court against the Burkini ban

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Pub’s pen webdesk :. The city of Grenoble has gone to France’s top administrative court against a decision to ban the wearing of a special burqa made for Muslim women in public swimming pools. This position in the French city of Grenoble, recognizing the wearing of the Burkini, led to a legal battle with the government. In several European countries, including France, Muslim women wear burqas to maintain Islamic decency. However, the debate in France is long. Ahead of a court hearing on Tuesday, French Interior Minister Darmanin said the Grenoble City Council’s swimwear policy was “unacceptable provocation” and contrary to French secular values. Note that the Burkini controversy has been going on in France since 2016. At the time, several municipalities tried to ban the wearing of burkini on French beaches, citing secularism. Although French government employees are banned from wearing religious clothing or insignia in the workplace, Grenoble Mayor Eric Poole says such restrictions should not be imposed on government or private service users, especially those who can wear whatever they like in the swimming pool. This decision and position of the mayor of Grenoble is in conflict with the policy of the French national government. Last year, France passed a law dealing with separatism. The law mainly targeted the religious dress of Muslims.

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