Bitcoin-Ether sluggish, but stablecoins showed bullishness, know the latest situation of the crypto market

The month of August is half over and the volatility in cryptocurrency prices continues. Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, started trading with a fall of 1.37 percent on Tuesday. According to the Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber, the price of bitcoin is $ 25,837 (about 20 lakh rupees). Bitcoin posted a slightly bigger drop on … Read more

Today there is a big jump in the crypto market including Bitcoin, Ether

The weekend has started well in the digital currency market. Today all the popular altcoins are seen in the green, from bitcoin, ether to dodgecoin and shiba inu. Signs of an increase in the price of bitcoin were visible by the evening of 10 August. The trade opening of Bitcoin has happened today with a … Read more

Shiba Inu whales increase trading volume by 511%, a jump of 24.18% in average value

Shiba Inu holders have once again seen a huge increase in trading volume. For the past few days, there has been a lot of activity of Shiba Inu transactions being recorded in whales. Now the top 100 Shiba Inu holders have registered a trading volume of over 500% again. Data released by the platform that … Read more

Shiba Inu burns 5.3 trillion tokens since July, a big jump in price

News of the burning of Shiba Inu tokens has been pouring in for two weeks now. The effect of token burning is now visible in its prices and this has come to the fore in the latest data. Token burning is done to reduce the circulation of a token in the market so that the … Read more

130 crore Shiba Inu burns in a week, will it affect the price?

The burning of Shiba Inu tokens is not seeming to stop. Millions of SHIB tokens are being burnt every day. For the burning of this token, the SHIB project in collaboration with Ryoshi Vision launched the Shiba Inu burn portal, through which the holders who burned the token were also promised rewards. However, the community … Read more

Cryptocurrency market including Bitcoin, Ether showed growth for the third consecutive day

The first weekend of August has started and it is showing good signs for the cryptocurrency. On Friday, there was a slight increase in the entire cryptomarket including bitcoin. The price of bitcoin has increased by 0.20 percent. Although the gains are almost non-existent, the price of bitcoin seems to be showing some stability. On … Read more

Whales bought 150 million Shiba Inu in last 4 days, price increased by 11.11%

The news of Shiba Inu increasing trading volume has been going on for several days. But now with the trading volume, there has also been an update of its whale reserve increasing. An increase in trading volume cannot necessarily be said to increase the reserve of tokens as trading involves both the exchange of tokens … Read more

Minor loss to Bitcoin, Ether strong, know the latest condition of crypto market

The crypto charts have shown more downside than profit on the first day of August 2022. There has been a marginal loss of 1.6 per cent in bitcoin prices and according to Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber, it started trading at $ 24,383 (about Rs 19.30 lakh). Small losses affected bitcoin on a global level as … Read more

This e-commerce platform is offering free delivery and 2% discount to Shiba Inu holders!

E-commerce platform has taken out a special offer for Shiba Inu holders. is an e-commerce platform that provides the convenience of shopping in cryptocurrencies from major retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many other online shopping platforms. Recently the platform added the Shiba Inu to its portfolio. Now this legendary online shopping … Read more