Have you ever seen colored clouds? This picture came from a thousand light years away from the earth, know who clicked it

The James Webb Telescope, the largest telescope ever deployed in space, has completed its work, yet the usefulness of the Hubble Telescope remains. This telescope has been showing us unseen pictures of space for the last 30 years. This telescope, operating in collaboration with the American space agency NASA and the European Space Agency ESA, … Read more

Why is the sun turning red with ‘angry’? More than 40 explosions in 14 days, scientists are saying this

The movement in the sun continues. All this is happening because of the 11-year cycle, which has brought the Sun into a very active phase. Scientists say that because of this, there will be explosions in the Sun till the year 2025. According to the information, in just two weeks, the Sun has emitted 35 … Read more

Study claims damaged stem cells of the umbilical cord can be cured

Did you know that the placenta of a newborn is home to life-saving stem cells like ‘lymphoma and leukemia’? For this reason, parents nowadays choose the option of collecting blood in the umbilical cord of the baby. However, if the pregnancy is affected by gestational diabetes, the stem cells of the placenta are damaged and … Read more

What are asteroids? Know everything about more than 11 lakh rocks moving in space

The thing that the Earth has faced the most in the last few days is the Asteroid. On 29 and 30 July, two consecutive asteroids passed close to the Earth, whose size was as much as a multistory building. On this Thursday, another asteroid passed near the Earth. It had the power of a thousand … Read more

The ‘Greek hero’ turning blue closer to the Sun, came to know about Asteroid Phaethon

Along with the planets in our solar system, asteroids also float, which revolve around the Sun. These asteroids, located millions of kilometers away from the Earth, remain in discussion among astronomers due to their merits. Just as planets are affected by the Sun, asteroids are also affected by the Sun. In recent research on an … Read more

The last supermoon of this year will be seen on August 11, know when it will be visible in India

After seeing the supermoon first in June and then in July, another supermoon is coming for those interested in space. The last supermoon of this year will be visible on August 11. This full moon moon can be seen in India too, but here on Friday, August 12, this supermoon will be visible. Just like … Read more

There may be a big explosion in the Sun today, from small satellites to power grids in danger!

Scientists around the world have intensified their research on the Sun. Actually, our Sun is going through its cycle of 11 years. It is in very active phase. The US space agency NASA has warned that there is a possibility of repeated giant solar eruptions in the Sun. Meanwhile, a sunspot was also seen on … Read more

Robot will perform surgery in space, NASA will carry out this big test on ISS in the year 2024

Preparations for a test are underway at the International Space Station (ISS), also known as the home of astronauts in space. A robotic surgeon is to be tested on the ISS. If the testing is successful, then one day a robotic surgeon will be able to perform surgery on humans in space. After many years … Read more

This galaxy changing its form after colliding with small galaxies, James Webb Telescope captured in pictures

The largest telescope deployed in space, the James Webb Telescope, is bringing new discoveries to the world one after the other. The telescope has gathered information on movements in a galaxy located 500 light years away. This space-moving observatory has obtained new information about the formation of stars and chemical compounds in the Cartwheel Galaxy. … Read more

Today the storm coming from the sun may hit the earth, satellites in danger, there may be lightning

Our Sun is going through its 11 year cycle and is in a very active phase. Because of this, huge solar eruptions are likely to happen again and again. In this sequence, solar winds of high speed emanating from a ‘hole’ in the surface of the Sun have increased the possibility of geomagnetic storms on … Read more