Kawasaki shows off its electric and hybrid motorcycle, the design is like a super bike!

Kawasaki suddenly surprised all the fans by showing off two of his electric motorcycles at the Suzuka circuit in Japan. For the past several years, Kawasaki’s electric bike was awaited. The company had reportedly showcased its hybrid-electric project at EICMA 2019. Now, almost three years later, the company has made it clear that the launch … Read more

Porsche’s big step for e-bikes, two companies announced for manufacturing

Porsche has made a big announcement regarding making electric bikes. Electric bikes also have a special customer segment in the segment of electric vehicles. People are now rapidly shifting to electric vehicles. Keeping this in mind, luxury car maker Porsche has made a big announcement regarding the manufacturing of electric bikes. Porsche has announced two … Read more

Shell is bringing 6 electric scooters and bikes with a range of up to 80 km, know the price

Shell is the brand that people know for petrol, diesel and different types of motor oils. Now, according to a media report, this company is rapidly moving towards green mobility. The company had established the Shell Ride brand last year in partnership with a company named Lotus International, which has now reportedly announced a number … Read more

Vello Bike+ Titanium electric bike with ‘unlimited range’ launched, know the price

An e-bike and accessories brand named Vello unveiled its new electric cycle Bike+ Titanium at the EuroBike 2022 event. This e-bike comes equipped with premium features, so you will have to pay a hefty amount to buy it. The e-cycle is currently introduced in Europe. Vello claims that the Titanium e-bike offers unlimited range. Apart … Read more

Noordung Electric Bicycle comes with 60 KM range, Bluetooth speaker and power bank, know the price

A startup named Noordung has created a premium electric bicycle that comes equipped with features like Bluetooth speaker, air pollution sensor and power bank. For a long time, the brand had listed this cycle on the crowdfunding platform and now, it has been introduced to the world at the Eurobike 2022 event. The single charge … Read more

Tork Kratos and Kratos R electric bikes with 180KM range in single charge start deliveries

Tork Motors has finally started the deliveries of the Tork Kratos and Tork Kratos-R electric bikes. The company has initially delivered 20 bikes to its customers in Pune. Earlier, the company had announced that it would deliver the Kratos and Kratos-R e motorcycles in April 2022. The company extended the delivery deadline due to rising … Read more

7 electric bikes burnt down standing, incident happened during charging

The news of fire in electric bikes is coming out from Maharashtra. Fire officials said that at least 7 electric bikes kept in a showroom in Maharashtra got burnt while charging on Monday night. However, there is no report of any person getting injured in the incident. The incident took place at an e-bike showroom … Read more

ENGWE X26 electric bike launched with a range of 100km on a single charge, know the price

ENGWE has launched the electric bicycle X26 under the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. It is an all-terrain bike, which means it has been designed to run in all types of areas and conditions. This electric bike has been given a top speed of 50km/h and a range of 100km. The company says that this is the … Read more