step father killed son in vatwa area

Ahmedabad: In the Vatva Gidak area, the stepfather drowned his son in a tank full of water, closed the lid and fled. However, the son escaped by opening the lid. And went to his aunt’s house and informed about the whole incident.

In this regard, the wife herself has filed a case of attempt to murder the son against the husband. It is also alleged that the addict’s husband was jealous of his wife’s first husband and threatened to kill her. A woman residing in Vinod Bhavenagar of Vatva GIDC has filed a complaint against her husband for attempt to murder her son.

The woman lives with her husband with two children. The woman got divorced after a rift with her ex-husband. While both the children lived with him.

After this, the woman married a young man from her village in the temple. The woman and her husband lived in a rented house in Vinobabhavnagar.

The woman had no children during the second marriage. The woman’s husband used to quarrel often over the expenses of the house due to drug addiction.

Also both the children belonged to the next husband. He was jealous of her and threatened to kill her. Although the woman often persuaded her husband, he was threatening her. The woman’s eleven-year-old son had gone to school yesterday morning.

At that time the husband was not present at home and as the woman was not feeling well, at nine o’clock he took his daughter to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, the woman’s younger sister called and said that her husband had drowned her son in a water tank.

He came out and I came home. So we take him to the hospital for treatment. Immediately come to LG Hospital. The woman was rushed to the hospital.

When the LG reached the hospital and asked his son about this, he said that when I came home on leave from school, my father asked me where is your mother.

So I told him that I don’t know. Papa got very upset after saying this. He grabbed my throat and drowned me in a tank full of water.

After waiting for sometime he took it out, dipped it again in the tank and closed the lid of the tank from the top half saying that he would kill himself today and closed the lid again. The son just opened the lid and ran to his aunt’s house.

so that his life may be saved. The father tried to kill the stepson. Therefore, the woman lodged a complaint against him at the Vatva GIDC police station and the police has started investigation based on the complaint.

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