Sariya Cement Ka Bhav 2022

Sariya Cement Ka Bhav Another information is coming out for the people who are constructing the building, let us tell you that there is a continuous movement in the prices of cement and bars. As its earlier prices had suddenly increased, now gradually its prices have started decreasing again. But now there is a golden opportunity for the people who build the building. If he wants, he can buy bars and cement at good prices.

Talking about the old prices, the baria had broken its record and it was touching the heights of the sky but now there is some relief in it and in the same way the prices of cement had also increased even if we talk about UltraTech Cement Or talk about ACC or Ambuja Cement, the prices of all these cement had suddenly reached the heights.

Sariya Cement Ka Bhav

Sariya Cement Ka bhav I stir?

Let us tell you that the people who construct the building here are facing a lot of problems. Because a few days ago the prices of rebar and cement were at their peak and still the builders have bought it. but now Sariya Cement Ka Bhav There seems to be some deficiency in And there is constant movement in this. So if you can currently buy cement and bars at reduced prices. And you can save your money in building construction, this is a golden opportunity for you, you go immediately and after doing complete information, buy cement and bars at cheap prices, which can be a profitable deal for you.

Cement Price In UP?

If we tell you the prices of cement here, what are the prices of cement in Uttar Pradesh at this time, then as you know that earlier the cement which Birla Uttam was getting at the increased price according to the bag of ₹ 400, now in this A drop of ₹ 20 has been seen. So this reduction has come down to ₹ 380, apart from this, the ACC brand has come down from ₹ 450 to ₹ 440 per sack, according to this, if you buy cement recently. So you can make profit from 10 to ₹ 20 as it is suddenly expected to increase again in the coming time.

Sariya Ka Bhav?

If we tell you about the price of bars here, then the price of bars has come down to ₹ 70000 ton. Apart from this, there has been a fall in the price of brand companies selling bars by up to Rs 1000 per tonne. And it may be that in the future the price of this bar will decrease even more, so if you are constructing a building. So only after thorough investigation, you buy the bar because the bar had previously reached above ₹ 75 kg, but currently these prices are decreasing so that customers can benefit from it.

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