Sara Ali Khan: ‘Forgot to smile for 10 years’, Sara Ali Khan on her parents’ divorce – Sara Ali Khan opens up about her parents’ divorce

Mumbai- Divorce of parents is always a soft moment for their children. It is always seen in the society that parental disputes affect the mentality of the children. There are some couples in Bollywood who talk more about their divorce than their married life. Something similar happened when Bollywood couple Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh got divorced. There is still talk of their relationship when Saif and Amrita’s daughter Sara Ali Khan openly talks about her parents’ divorce. He talked about this topic in a recent interview.

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When Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh got married, the age difference was the major issue. Amrita may be older than Saif, but Saif fell in love with her. Saif and Amrita married in 1991 and divorced in 2004. Their children were Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan. But Saif and Amrita got divorced when Sara and Ibrahim were young. Talking on this subject, Sara said that Abbu and Ammi always used to fight. The atmosphere in our house was not pleasant because of their quarrels. They were not happy living in the same house. But when they parted, everything changed.

Sara also said that I was 9 years old when Ammi and Abbu separated. Ibrahim Abbu and I used to meet after the divorce, but Ammi used to be depressed. For the next ten years, the smile had disappeared from his face. Sometimes laughing suddenly and sometimes sad. It then came to our notice that they were divorced. I have always noticed that when they are together it is not as positive as it is when they are apart. Mommy was happy too. I missed seeing Ammi smiling ten years ago.

Although Amrita and Saif do not have a marital relationship, but Sara, Ibrahim and Saif have a very good bonding. Sara always keeps sharing pictures of all three on social media. Not only this, Saif and Kareena also have tremendous chemistry with Taimur and Jahangir.

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