Sahara India Refund Status 2022 – Notice issued regarding Sahara India Refund

Sahara India Refund Status There was a time when Sahara India family was considered a very big company all over India in which crores of people used to invest money with full confidence and money was refunded by Sahara India from time to time. And there used to be complete transparency in Sahara India Pariwar but now such a time has come. In which investors have to make rounds of Sahara India Pariwar’s office to get their money back but still their money is not getting full time.

There are many account holders of Sahara India Pariwar whose money is stuck even 5 to 10 years ago but till now they have not received their money. Some people need money for daughter’s marriage, many people have money problem due to illness in the family, so they take their money. Sahara India Refund Want to take it but Sahara India is not crawling on its ears and it is not returning the money of the investors.

Sahara India Refund 2022

What’s in this post?

Not getting money even after maturity?

Sahara India Refund Status Many discussions are coming out about this, in which it is being told that even after the completion of the investors’ time, their maturity is not happening. They are not getting their money. Many beneficiaries had opened their fixed deposit accounts here, along with many people’s RD is running here but still the government is not helping to get anyone’s money and Sahara India is sitting on investors’ money. is |

Action taken on Sahara India?

According to new news it is being told that Sahara India Refund Status Big action is going on against the company regarding this, FIR has been registered against Sahara India from many states, along with hundreds of cases are registered against Sahara India. And along with this notices have also been issued by the court to Sahara India to refund the money. And a few days ago, it has also been told by the Finance Minister on behalf of the government in the House that soon the money is being refunded by the Sahara India Pariwar.

Sahara India accuses Sevi?

Recently, let us tell you that Sahara has accused SEBI of depositing Rs 25000 crores from investors regarding the Sahara India case. The reply has come from Sahara that the investors have deposited ₹ 25000 with the TV but still SEBI is not understanding the pain of the victims and is not returning their money. And in this regard, Sahara India has also issued a letter in which it has been told that SEBI is holding Sahara and due to this reason it is not able to return the money of the investors.

Sahara India Refund

Why is Sahara India delaying in giving money?

Let us tell you that the Securities and Exchange Board of India has a deposit of about 25000 crores of Sahara India. And along with this, in the last 9 years, only Rs 125 crore has been issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India to the investors. So regarding this, even if this money is either returned to the investors or it is returned to Sahara India, so that Sahara India can give money to its investors, says Sahara India, so there is a delay in giving money to Sahara India. Sahara India Pariwar told everything on Monday.

Sahara India Refund Not Received Because Correct Documents Not Found?

A few days ago it was told by the Finance Minister that Sahara India Refund Regarding applications related to original bonds and certificates were sought, in which 19644 applications have been received, it has been told by the government. That the data of the remaining applications is not being matched, so far only 53,642 certificate bonds have been added for a total of Rs 81.70 crore, soon the government is examining all these applications and refunding the linked money to the beneficiaries.

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FAQ Sahara india Refund Status?

When will the Sahara India Refund be available?

For such investors who have deposited their money, no date has come out yet, but it is being told that the money of Sahara India is with SEBI, so Sahara India is delaying in giving money.

How much is deposited by Sahara with SEBI?

It has been told by Sahara India that he has a deposit of ₹ 25000 with SEBI.

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