Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev said that the goal of Save Soil and Green Challenge is the same

Sadhguru Sri Jaggi Vasudev suggested that the Telangana Greenery and Green India Challenge programs were an ideal for the country and that other states should embrace the competition.

He said that when he entered Telangana as part of his world tour, he was attracted by the huge greenery. Sadguru Jaggi Vasadev believes that the use of chemicals in agriculture is killing the life of the soil mother and it will be a menace to future generations.

There is no substitute for pudami and clay .. He hopes to provide it to future generations while preserving it as much as possible. Sadhguru, who is on a world tour with the Save Soil movement, traveled to Bangalore via Hyderabad.

In the middle of the route, MP Joginapalli Santosh Kumar (MP Santhosh Kumar) launched the fifth installment of the Fifth Phase (Fifth Phase) of the Green India Challenge in the Gollur forest near Shamshabad.Big responsibility at a young age ..

Sadgar lauded Santosh Kumar, who started a big program at a young age, as an ideal for the youth. Save Soil said the goal of the Green India Challenge movement was to make Pudami aware of the importance of nature and the environment.

Prenatal well-being: MP Santosh Kumar

Chief Minister K. MP Santosh Kumar said that the Green India Challenge was launched four years ago to spread the green ideology across the country, inspired by the greenery of Telangana, the son of Chandrasekhara Rao (CM KCR).

Santosh Kumar thanked everyone for making every initiative on behalf of Green India a success, encouraging them to step into their fifth year. He said that he was fortunate enough to receive the Green India Challenge. He said more innovative programs will be taken up soon.

Along with MP Santosh Kumar, ministers Indrakaran Reddy, Sabita Indrareddy, Satyavathi Rathore, MP Ranjit Reddy, MLA Prakash Gowd, MLAs Naveen Kumar, Shambhipur Raju and Dande Vithal participated in the planting.

Minister Indira Reddy explained the green progress report for Telangana at the meeting. Sadhguru was briefed on the achievements of the government in greening.

MP Santosh Kumar with Save Soil posters

Tens of thousands of large plants at once ..

The Yadadri Model Plantation, in collaboration with the Forest Department, has undertaken the Yadadri Model Plantation with the objective of increasing the number of trees and dense greenery in the degraded forest area in Gollur.

In the first phase fencing was already laid around an area of ​​about nine hundred acres. As part of the forest restoration work, tens of thousands of large saplings were planted simultaneously during the inauguration of the fifth installment of the Green India Challenge.

Along with Sadhguru, his fans, Isha Foundation members, school students and locals are big The number of participants in this event.

The function was attended by CM’s Special Secretary Bhopal Reddy, Forest Department Special Principal Secretary Shanthi Kumari, OSD Priyanka Varghese, Government Adviser R. Shobha, PCCF, Head of Forest Force R.M. Dobrial, Additional PCCF Sunita Bhagwat, Cyberabad Police Commissioner Stephen Ravindra, Rangareddy DFO Janakiram, FRVO Vishnu, Green India Challenge representatives Raghava, Karunakar Reddy, Kishore and others were present.

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