Road to Mecca project will be extended to other cities of Pakistan in future, says PM

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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that the road to Mecca project will be extended to other cities of Pakistan in future.

He said this during a meeting with Saudi Ambassador Nawaf bin Saeed Ahmed Al-Maliki, during which the progress related to the Road to Mecca project was discussed.

The Road to Mecca project team also participated in the meeting with Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

On this occasion, he said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have historical fraternal relations and the two countries have a common position on all issues of mutual interest. The two countries stand by each other in the ups and downs of time.

Route to Mecca facility for Hajj pilgrims from five countries including Pakistan

The Prime Minister thanked the Saudi leadership for the road to Mecca project and said that under this initiative thousands of Pakistani pilgrims would be provided facilities.

During the meeting, the Saudi ambassador expressed his desire to further strengthen bilateral cooperation.

It is to be noted that the immigrants coming under the Kahrot to Mecca project are immigrated to their own countries. When these pilgrims arrive in the country, they are simply scanned with a barcode and put on buses.

The luggage of the pilgrims coming under the scheme is also taken from their countries. They don’t have to worry about luggage after coming to the kingdom.

The Road to Mecca program includes Tunisia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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