Prophet Muhammad Row: Maulvi of Pakistan supported Nupur Sharma on Prophet Mohammad, said this

Pakistani Cleric Support Nupur: The fire on the matter of Nupur Sharma’s controversial statement on Prophet Muhammad is not taking its name to stop. This statement of Nupur Sharma is being discussed everywhere in the country and abroad and protests are being held. So many people have also come in support of Nupur Sharma. This time he has got support from Pakistan. A cleric from here has supported Nupur Sharma. After all, who is the cleric who supported Nupur and what has been said in support of him.

Apologize then why is there a ruckus

Maulana’s reaction on the action of Gulf countries

Muslim Cleric Engineer Mohammad Ali has also given his reaction on the action of Arab countries   He said that why the Gulf countries remain silent on the atrocities happening in the European countries. If something happens in India, then they take immediate action, while in other countries they do not see the mistakes. He alleged that such action against India is being done at the behest of America. If Maulana is to be believed, then America has played this trick to spoil the relations between India and Russia on Ukraine War.

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