Post office interest rate 2022 – Highest interest paying scheme, see the new interest rate from here

post office interest rate 2022 | How to open new RD/FD in post office | Post office interest rate list

Today we are going to tell you about the post office FD scheme here, where you can open FB in any of your post office and get good interest rate on it and get good profit. Good interest on FD in post office. The rate is kept and due to which the customer does not have to bear any loss and the full responsibility of the customer’s money is with the post office and if the customer wants, in case of any crisis, he can get his money even before time (How to open new RD/FD in post office & post office interest rate list)

The post office keeps on bringing different FD plans for the customers from time to time, similarly today we will tell you about a new FD plan here.

Post office interest rate 2022

What’s in this post?

In this post you will be able to get the following information :-

  • General Information of Post Office FD Scheme
  • What is Post Office FD Interest Rate
  • What is the return on FD of 1 lakh
  • Tax Benefit & TDS
  • How to take post office FD
  • What are the documents required to avail Post Office FD Scheme?

What should be the age to open FD in Post Office:-

There is no minimum age for taking an FD plan in the post office, a person of any age can open his FD here.

What is the minimum investment required to take FD :-

You can open your FD plan with as little as ₹ 200 and there is no maximum limit, you can take an FD plan by investing as much money as you want

For how long the FD plan can be :-

You can take an FD plan in the post office for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years

How much interest rate is given on getting post office interest rate 2022 FD :-

On opening your FD account in the post office, you are given the following interest rate, which is being told to you below, if you want more information about it, then you can visit the official website of the post office.

Post Office Fd Intrast Rate

How much money is available on FD of 100000 :-

If you take an FD plan of ₹ 100000 under this plan in the post office, then you are given an interest rate of 6.7% for 5 years, after which your entire money becomes ₹ 106700 by adding after 5 years.

Tax Benefit & TDS :-

If you receive interest above ₹ 10000 from the post office, then your TDS is deducted on it, which you can get your TDS by filing income tax return.

What are the documents required for getting FD in Post Office :-

  • Aadhar card
  • pan card
  • passport size photo

How to get FD in Post Office :-

To get an FD plan in the post office, you have to contact your nearest post office, there you can tell that you want to take FD and how much you want to take, you can tell them that too, after that the post office worker will give you its plan. Will explain about it and there you can take FD plan very easily.

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