Pandokhar Sarkar Dham Darbar – How To Reach Miraculous Place Complete Information

Pandokhar Sarkar Dham – How to go to Pandokhar Sarkar and Pandokhar Sarkar Fees, Online Registration HOW TO APPLY OR HOW TO APPLY | We are going to tell you his information. The infinite grace of Lord Hanuman Ji Maharaj remains at Pandokhar Sarkar Dham, where the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled.

Hanuman ji Maharaj Pandokhar Sarkar With the blessings of the patients, the problems of the patients are solved here, it is said that five essential patients have to come to the Pandokhar government, after that the grace of Hanuman ji Maharaj remains on the patients. and all their work gets done and the problems go away so if you too pandokhar government If you want to go then where is Pandokhar Dham and you Pandokhar Sarkar Dham How can we go, we are going to tell you in detail through this article today, so that you too are a reader to solve all your problems by going to the Pandokhar government, for complete information, read the article given below carefully.

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Pandokher Sarkar Dham Highlight

Location NameBalaji Mandir Pandokher Sarkar
Pandokher Sarkar Dham’s addressPandokhar Dham Tehsil Bhander District Datia (Madhya Pradesh)
Pandokher Sarkar Dham guruji name,
on google map Pandokher Sarkar Dham Status ofclick here
Youtube Channel Pandokher Sarkar Dham Chhatarpurclick here
Pandokher Sarkar Dham sarkar contact no9630118128 / 7610100002
Name of villagePandhokar
state nameMadhya Pradesh
Name of the district locatedDatia
Nearest Railway StationJhansi (Uttar Pradesh)
Pandokhar Sarkar Dham Darbar Address

Pandokhar Sarkar Dham?

Devotees can get solution from all their problems by visiting the temple of Pandokhar Sarkar. Pandokhar Sarkar Dham Sarkar By applying your application, you can get the solution of your problem, if any devotees have a problem like ghost obstacle, then it is also solved in the Pandokhar government, for this you have to Pandokhar Sarkar Dham You have to go and meet Maharaj ji and you will tell all the other problems by writing on a slip and after that all your problems are solved there.

Pandokhar Sarkar Address?

Such devotees who want to go to Pandokhar Sarkar Dham. So tell for them Pandokhar Sarkar Dham is located in Pandokhar village in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. The nearest railway station is Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh if you are going by train. So you have to go to Jhansi railway station, after that you can go from there. Pandokhar Sarkar Dham There is a small railway station along with Datia. But less vehicles stop there and if you are coming from your own ban, then you can come directly to Datia and visit Pandokhar Sarkar Dham, we will give you its Google Map location below so that you can easily go to Pandokhar Sarkar Dham. |

pandokhar sarkar ka sach?

Let us tell you that Pandokhar Sarkar Dham is famous as miraculous places, here the past and future of the devotees are written on the slip and whatever devotees come with their problems, then their problem is solved. And along with that, their past and future are also told, if you also want to visit this wondrous place, then you can go and see it.

When to visit Pandokhar Sarkar Dham?

let you know Pandokhar Sarkar Dham 2022 Earlier, it used to be from Amavasya to Panchami, but now Pandokhar Sarkar Dham has always been opened for the devotees, there is a crowd of devotees in the court, so now this Pandokhar Sarkar Dham remains open for the devotees only for 365 days.

If you want to meet Guru ji, then now you can easily meet Guru ji here. Earlier it used to take 10 to 15 days to meet Guru ji but now it does not happen here considering the crowd of people. Many improvements have been made in the system. And many types of problems like sitting and bathroom have been solved for the people and all such services are provided to the devotees here.

Pandokhar Sarkar Online Registration

If you want to register yourself in Pandokhar government, then for this you have to go to Pandokhar Dham, there you have to make counters for this, where you have to register yourself for online booking of jobs. Apart from this, do not give your mobile number or money to any such person, otherwise you may become a victim of fraud. If any person asks you for money to join Pandokhar Dham government that he will join you immediately, then you should be alert and careful and avoid such people.

Pandokher Sarkar Dham arji

Why is money spent in the Pandokhar government?

Many devotees think that why money is spent in the Pandokhar government, then we give you the answer here that before 2005, only 10 to ₹ 5 or ₹ 20 were charged for the devotees coming to the Pandokhar government, but now In view of the crowd of devotees, their arrangements are needed here like for the devotees. Pandokher Sarkar Dham Arrangements for living in, arrangements for food, arrangements for lodging, arrangements for water, and arrangements for temple construction, all this has to be done.

So for this capital is required and this donation is taken from the devotees and its entire money is spent on the devotees, so in the Pandokhar government a nominal fee is charged to help the crowd of devotees and to provide them facilities. |

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FAQ Pandokhar Sarkar Dham Darbar?

Where is Pandokhar Sarkar Dham located?

Pandokhar Sarkar Dham is located in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh.

Why is Pandokhar Sarkar Dham famous?

This is such a miraculous place where the past and future of the devotees are told by writing on the introduction.

What is the distance between Gwalior to Pandokhar Sarkar Dham?

is about 100 kms away

Pandokhar Sarkar Online registration,

You will have to go to Pandokhar Sarkar Dham for registration, from there the station will be there.

Pandokhar Sarkar Fees kitty hai?

For devotees who are VIPs Pandokhar Sarkar Fees ₹ 11000 is the initial Pandokhar Sarkar Fees 2100 will have to be paid to meet Maharaj.

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