Women hide gold worth crores in her undergarments, caught at airport

The Customs Department of Hyderabad has arrested five passengers, including three women and two men, for smuggling gold from the airport. These smugglers were caught on a flight coming from Dubai to Hyderabad. The caught women were brought by hiding in gold panties and bras.

The customs officer got suspicious after seeing a woman on a flight coming from Dubai to Hyderabad. The officer stopped the woman. When the woman was searched, gold was recovered from her. He had hidden the gold in the hair band. The woman had pasted gold in the hair band. The customs department has seized 234 grams of gold from him.

After this, the Custom Department officials found two more women suspicious. When those women were also searched, gold was also recovered from them. These women had gold panties and gold hidden inside the bra. The three women were smuggling gold from Dubai to India.

Apart from this, the team of the department arrested two more passengers on charges of smuggling. Both these male passengers had reached Hyderabad after catching a flight from Kuwait. On search, two gold bars and buttons were recovered from them. The total weight of gold is being said to be 855 grams. The five arrested passengers could not produce a single valid document related to gold.








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