Natural beauty hidden in Eturunagaram Sanctuary. Once you go, you will remember.

Agency area where nature has been set aside for beauty and lush greenery. Those who take a break from the busy life of the cities and go for a short walk, often go to the green hills of the agencies. indulge in nature.

Tourists roam the beautiful hills and make carnations at the waterfall. However, due to the lack of proper roads in the agency areas, only a few such tourist areas are available to the public.

There are many such beautiful places around us, which we will not be able to see especially but which we do not know about. One such scenic spot is Hill View Point in Ethuranagaram area of ​​Mulugu district.Kondai View Point Unknown to outsiders..

Mulugu District Ethurunagaram Area Near Kondayi village a magnificent landscape is found amidst high hills. It is thrilling to see the Jampanna river flowing like a green blanket from the dense forest to the earth.

Forest officials have set up a watch tower here under forest protection. The entire forest can be seen covering a distance of about six kilometers from the top of the tower.

The Jampanavagu flows through the middle of the forest and joins the Godavari River. Locals say that it is a good place to see the beauty of the Agency Forest area.

The Natural Beauty Agency only owns the forests.

There are many natural beauty hidden in the forests of the agency. But to the outside world it just seems wild. There are beautiful lush green forests hidden in the forest itself. Many paintings are hidden, especially in the Ethurunagaram Wildlife Sanctuary.

The sounds of the waterfalls, the bending of the waterfalls, the acrobatics of wild animals, the cuckoo melodies are all unique to the tree, from twig to branch. This Kondai viewpoint is a good option for tourists who come here on weekends.

How to get to Kondai Viewpoint

Local people say that it would be good if forest officials can develop this approach as a tourist destination. Many tourists (road map) of the city enjoy the scenic beauty on weekends.

There is also no proper road to reach here. Also, there is no staff or office of the tourism department here.

Tourists who want to come here have to go by their own vehicle or private vehicles. From other cities like Warangal and Hyderabad take a bus to Medaram and from there reach Kondai village via Oorattam.

You will have to reach the nearby hill station on foot with the help of local people or on your own. There is a watch tower set up by the forest officials and you can see this view point (hill view).

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