NASA’s LANDSAT-1 satellite, launched 50 years ago, captured 1 lakh pictures of Earth within 2 years

23 July 1972 is a very special day in the history of space. On 23 July 1972, space scientists launched such a satellite, which for the first time showed us the view of the earth from space. This satellite completely changed the way we see the Earth. With the help of this, scientists were able to see how the forests are decreasing from the earth. How forest fires darkened a large part of the earth, how industrialization and increasing the scope of farms reduced the forests from the earth.

NASA scientists, along with the US Geological Survey (USGS), launched LANDSAT-1 on July 23 to capture the most beautiful planet in the solar system, our Earth. This satellite has never seen the Earth’s surface in detail before. Since then 9 satellites of LANDSAT series have been launched. Landsat-8 and Landsat-9 satellites are currently circling the Earth’s orbit and are monitoring changes in Earth’s weather and climate as well as other changes.

History of LANDSAT-1

In 1967, NASA started working on a satellite named Earth Resource Technology Satellite (ERTS-1). It was placed in Earth’s orbit on 23 July 1972. It was launched by NASA from Vandenberg Air Force Station, which is in California, USA. Later the name of this satellite was changed to LANDSAT-1. It was then retired on 6 January 1978, as its tape records began to deteriorate. However, in January 1975, NASA and USGS together established the second LANDSAT satellite in Earth orbit. It was named LANDSAT-2. In this way, since 1972, the LANDSAT satellites are constantly circling the Earth in space.

After being launched in 1972, LANDSAT-1 had sent about 1 lakh photos to Earth by 1974. It captured more than 75% of the earth in its photographs. Each photo measured 185×185 kilometer. The satellite was so good in its work that through it new lands on the earth were also detected.

Satellites are very useful to keep an eye on the changes happening on the earth. With the help of these, it is ascertained whether the area of ​​forest on the earth is decreasing or increasing. Apart from this, what changes are taking place in the ice frozen at the poles, in how much area and at what speed the ice is melting, all these information are taken from the images captured by satellites. These satellites continuously collect photos of the surface, so that the changes happening on the surface of the earth from year to year can be clearly seen.

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