Mustard Oil Price, know today’s price of mustard oil

Mustard Oil PriceThere is a disaster in the country regarding the food items. Because day by day ( Sarshon Ka Tel Ka Bhav ) Inflation is increasing. In such a situation, it has become difficult for the common people to live. Because buying things and food items more than earning has become expensive. and are getting increasingly expensive. Another big news has come out about this.

If you want to buy cheap oil in the market and want to know how much mustard oil is going on in the market, then we will tell you the rising prices of mustard oil in the market here.

Here, great news is coming out to the beneficiaries who buy mustard oil, in which it is being told that the prices of mustard oil are decreasing continuously. Also want to know what are the prices of mustard oil at this time, then you read the article given below carefully and know the price of fresh mustard oil across India.

Sarshon Ka tel Ka bhav

What’s in this post?

Mustard Oil Price?

You know that recently the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing, due to this there has also been an increase about vehicles, so the prices of food items are also increasing continuously, so the market of oil and oilseeds like soybean, cotton etc. Prices have also increased and apart from this, inflation is also increasing due to non-availability of fertilizer products coming from abroad. but recently Mustard Oil Price I have given some fees, so if you want to buy Mustard Oil then you can buy it.

Falling in oil price?

Recently it has been seen that there has been some fall in the price of mustard oil, now according to the news, it is being told that the price of mustard oil in Uttar Pradesh is running up to ₹ 160 per liter, before that, if we tell you in the past. A few days ago on 26 or 27 April, the price of mustard oil had reached ₹ 166 per liter but recently there has been some decline in the price of mustard oil, if you want to buy mustard oil then you can buy it now. |

Mustard Oil price

Kanpur Mustard oil price?

There has not been any decline in the price of mustard oil in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, but the price of mustard oil is being sold from Rs 168 to Rs 165 per liter on March 30, the price of mustard oil here is Rs 169. per litre.

Prices of oilseeds?

  • Sarson Tilhan – 7,500-7,550 (42 percent condition price) Rs.
  • Sarson Tel Dadri – Rs 15,000 per quintal.
  • Moongfali Tel Mill Delivery (Gujarat) – Rs 15,750.
  • Soybean Mill Delivery Indore – Rs 15,400.
  • Moongfali Solvent Refined Oil 2,610 – Rs 2,800 per tin.
  • Sarson Pakki Ghani – Rs 2,375-2,450 per tin.
  • Moongfali – 6,725 – Rs 6,820.
  • Sarson Kachchi Ghani – Rs 2,425-2,525 per tin.
  • Til Tel Mill Delivery – Rs 17,000-18,500.
  • Soybean Tel Mill Delivery Delhi – Rs 15,750.
  • Soybean Tel Degum, Kandla – Rs 14,100.
  • Binola Mill Delivery (Haryana) – Rs 14,850.
  • Palmolein RBD, Delhi – Rs 15,350.
  • Palmolein Ex-Kandla – Rs 14,250 (without GST).
  • Soybean Dana – Rs 7,625-7,675.
  • Soybean looses Rs 7,325-7,425.
  • Makka Khal (Sariska) Rs.4,000.

Mustard Oil Price , Sarshon ke tel ka bhav?

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FAQs Mustard Oil Price?

What is the price of edible oil?

The price of mustard oil is running from ₹ 160 to ₹ 170 liter and soybean oil is running at ₹ 148 per liter and sunflower oil at ₹ 163 per liter.

What is Sarshon Ka tel Ka Bhav in Uttar Pradesh?

At present Sarshon Ka tel Ka Bhav in Uttar Pradesh is running between ₹160 per liter to ₹170 per liter.

What is the price of soybean oil in UP?

At present, the price of soybean oil is running from ₹ 135 per liter to ₹ 150 per liter in Uttar Pradesh.

What is the cost of 1 liter mustard oil?

At present, the price of 1 liter of mustard oil is running at ₹ 160 per liter, recently there has been some reduction in oil prices.

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