Morning digest most important news of June 18 2022

1.M Raghupathy: Former Minister M Raghupathy dies; He is the one who introduced uniforms to schoolsFormer minister M Raghupathi passed away at his residence at Jaya Malleswaram this morning. Raghupati was 81 years old. For the past eight days, he has been diagnosed with intestinal infection and was treated at a private hospital.

He died at 3 o’clock this morning. The family has arranged for a final darshan at the residence of Raghupathi’s deceased, Malleshwaram. A large number of activists, including political dignitaries, will get the final glimpse.

The funeral will be held tomorrow morning. M Raghupathi, a senior political leader of the Janata Parivar, was elected MLA from Shivaji Nagar and Malleswaram Assembly constituency.

2.Bengaluru Rain: A 24-year-old youth in Kochi in politics

There have been reports of rain in most parts of Bengaluru Rains on Friday night and flooding of residential areas. The rain, which started at seven o’clock in the night, poured into 1 o’clock.

Morning showers are also scattered. A 24-year-old young man has been a part of Rajakaluve for late-night rains. Mithun, a native of Shivamogga, is a youth of Paula. The incident took place at Gayatri Badavane, KR Pura, Gayatri Park, KR Pura. At 12 o’clock in the Gayatri ravine, the water was completely covered.

3.Beard Boys: Demand for a bearded husband! Don’t give a damn here

A community in Rajasthan has decided not to allow bearded youths to marry. In a resolution passed by the Kumawat community of 19 villages in the state’s Pali district, only young people with clean shave are allowed to marry.

The groom is seen as a king in marriage ceremonies and in some religious rituals. It is therefore stated in the resolution that men should clean shave. Along with this, the panchayats of 19 villages have made several rules to reduce the cost of marriage and simplify them.

4.Gold: A woman who gave gold instead of bread, ate hard and not thrown a beggar!

On Thursday, June 16, Mumbai police seized 100 grams of gold worth Rs 5 lakh worth of rabies in a garbage bin near a garbage dump near Gokuladham Colony in Mumbai. It was later returned to the owner by the police.

A woman named Sundari, who lives in Mumbai, saw the bread and gave it to her. She was going to mortgage her gold in a bank for her daughter’s wedding. On the way, a beggar caught her and asked for alms. The woman hurriedly mistaken the gold bullion in her bag for bread and gave it to the beggar.

5.Heeraben Modi Birthday: Prime Minister Modi’s Mother Hiraben

PM Narendra Modi Mother Birthday: Modi will be in Gujarat for a two-day visit on June 18 They will meet mum on their mother’s 100th birthday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother, Hiraben Modi, has reached the 100th anniversary of his life on June 18.

Hiraben was born on June 18, 1923 and is a Satyashi. Hiraben lives in Raisen village on the outskirts of Gandhinagar with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s younger brother Pankaj Modi.

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