Memorandum of Understanding signed between University of Lahore and AARM to build Pakistan’s first Aesthetic Medicine Center

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University of Lahore to build Pakistan’s first aesthetic medicine center …

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) The University of Lahore has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AARM to set up Pakistan’s first Aesthetic Medicine Center. To move forward

University of Lahore Chairman Owais Rauf and the program’s founder Jawad Qureshi have teamed up to provide excellent aesthetic practice, education and a source of expertise to healthcare workers. Aesthetic therapy is becoming increasingly popular around the world and its market potential is expected to reach 53 53 billion.

Addressing the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding, Chairman of the Board of Governors Owais Rauf said that the initiative was aimed at providing complete training in aesthetic medicine while observing safety measures throughout all modules. He added that for this purpose, Dr. Usman has been selected to provide guidance and training to the newly established Center for Aesthetic Medicine along with a team of international physicians, practitioners and surgeons.

Jawad Qureshi, founder of the Center for Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Lahore, said: “I have set up dozens of 3D Lifestyle and KKT Spine Centers across Pakistan. While providing the best facilities and treatment to the patients in both the institutions, I realized that there are very talented people in the field of treatment and care in Pakistan. However, in the rapidly evolving field of aesthetic medicine, it is imperative that all specialists engage in internship and standard diploma programs at leading clinics to learn the best professional practices during counseling and treatment.

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