Mangalwar Puja Vidhi – Hanuman JI Maharaj Mangalwar Vrat Kaise Karen

Mangalwar Puja Vidhi – In this way Mangalvar Vrat Hanuman ji Maharaj is happy by doing this. Here we are going to tell you the method of worshiping Shri Hanuman Ji Maharaj on Tuesday, if you also want that poverty and misery should be eradicated from your house and the blessings of Shri Hanuman Ji Maharaj will remain on you and you will get desired results. So you have to adopt this method of worship.

Often people do not worship Hanuman ji Maharaj on Tuesday by the following worship method, so the grace of Hanuman ji Maharaj cannot be made on them. But let us tell you how you have to worship Hanuman ji Maharaj at sunrise. Mangalvar Vrat What is the method of doing We are going to tell you this in full detail, so if you are also a devotee of Shri Ram and worship Hanuman ji Maharaj, then you have to worship Hanuman ji Maharaj by adopting the following method and meditate on Hanuman ji Maharaj on Tuesday. |

Mangalwar Puja Vidhi
Mangalvar Vrat Ki Vidhi

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Worship Timings on Tuesday – Mangalwar Puja Vidhi?

You have to worship Hanuman ji Maharaj both in the morning and in the evening, you have to do the aarti of God in the morning and in the evening. After that, Hanuman ji should be worshipped, if we talk mainly, then the auspicious time of worship is only after sunset in the whole day.

Mangalwar Puja Vidhi Tuesday Puja Mantra Chanting?

You have to chant the mantra 108 times in a garland of red sandalwood to Hanuman ji while worshiping on Tuesday, you can chant the prescribed mantra.

Om kram kraon kraun: Bhaumay Namah:

What to consume during Tuesday’s fast. Mangalwar Puja Vidhi?

of hanuman ji maharaj Mangalvar Vrat All such devotees should note that they should eat quality and wheat food on Tuesday. You can eat in fasting, especially you are advised not to eat salt in this fast.

Mangalwar Puja Vidhi Jane | Tuesday worship method?

To all the devotees who worship Hanuman ji Maharaj on Tuesday. Mangalvar Vrat They keep and worship them, they have to pay special attention that first of all they have to get up early in the morning, after that they have to take this bath and after that they have to wear clean red clothes. If this fast is being observed by a man, then red stitched clothes should not be worn at the time of worship.

Then you have to set up the post of God in the north-east corner of the house, as soon as you keep the idol or picture of God there and keep the idol of Sitaram along with Hanuman Ji Maharaj, after that you have to hand in front of Hanuman Ji Maharaj. Resolve to keep a fast in front of God by taking water and pray to God while meditating on Hanuman ji Maharaj and worship Shri Ram Raja Sarkar and Sita Mata by lighting incense lamp or lamp and then worship Hanuman ji Maharaj.

The thing to note is that you have to wear red clothes to Hanuman ji Maharaj while worshiping and after that only vermilion and red flowers are to be offered to him, after that put jasmine oil in cotton and put it in front of Lord Hanuman ji Maharaj and after that Chant Hanuman ji Maharaj’s Aarti, Sunderkand and Hanuman Chalisa, after that offer bhog to Hanuman ji Maharaj

What to donate on Mangalwar Puja Vidhi on Tuesday?

You have to donate the following things on Tuesday, by doing this God’s grace remains special on you and Hanuman ji Maharaj keeps his blessings on you. You can donate copper utensils etc.

Wishes are fulfilled by doing Mangalwar Puja vrat?

It is believed by all the devotees that the worship of Hanuman ji Maharaj Mangalvar Vrat By doing this, Hanuman ji Maharaj soon becomes pleased over the devotees. And fulfills the wishes of all his devotees, on this day the devotees have to keep the place of worship clean and fast with full heart and wealth.

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Mangalvar Vrat

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