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Labor Card Registration 2022 Dear friends, for the daily wage people, the government has started new schemes like labor card. If you also work as a laborer and you do not have this Labor Card or Shramik Card available. So you will not be getting the benefit of government services provided by the government.

So dear friends, we are going to tell you here how you Labor Card, Majduri Card This Shramik Card can make. Majduri Card Can give you the benefit of many types of government services.
Out of all government services, government housing, free electricity connection, free water facility, free solar panel light, apart from this, the government will give you many types of grants. Labor Card Registration Provides after
To know in detail about all these schemes, you read the complete information given below. And if you read it carefully till the bottom, you can easily find your Shramik Card You will be able to apply for getting it made and will be able to take advantage of all these government services sitting at home.

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Labor Card, Majduri Card Portal Important Points?

SCHEME NAMELabor Card, Majduri Card, Apply
Article NameLabor Card Registration
STATEUttar Pradesh
BENEFICIARYUttar Pradesh Citizen
BENEFITSLabor Card, Majduri Card, Shramik Card Apply On This Portal
Labor ListClick Here
LAUNCHED BYUttar Pradesh Government

What is the difference between Majduri Card, Shramik Card, Labor Card?

Majduri Card either Labor Card either Shramik Card The government has made it for all of you. Any laborer who works as a laborer. Or are employed as a laborer somewhere. These cards are dealt to all of them. Friends, let us tell you that this card is the same.

Even if you know these cards by different names, so if someone tells you about these cards. So you understand that these three cards are the same. whether you want it Labor Card say or else Shramik Card or whether it Majduri Card But there is no difference of any kind between these three cards.

Labor Card Apply

Labor Card benefit?

here you Labor Card y Shramik Card After getting it made, all these benefits start getting. So we have told these benefits below, you should read them carefully so that you can easily Shramik Card understand the benefits of

  1. Labor Card After it is formed, the government provides assistance of up to ₹ 60000 for the children for higher education in the family of laborers.
  2. if your Shramik Card remains and someone in your family is going seriously ill, then in such a situation the entire cost of your patient is borne by the government.
  3. If a daughter is to be married in your family, then the government provides you an amount of ₹ 51000 for marriage grant.
  4. Shramik Card After becoming a daughter, if a daughter is born in your family, then the government provides assistance of ₹ 25000 for you.
  5. With this, if a son is born in your family, then the government provides you an amount of up to ₹ 12000 for this.
  6. If any laborer or laborer does not have a pucca house, then the government also provides a pucca house for him. And at the same time, the house provides services like electricity, water etc.
  7. Shramik Card After making, it also provides you with solar light.
  8. For all the laborers, their employment items like hand cart, rickshaw etc., are provided by the government to the laborers on their behalf.
  9. After having a labor card under the scholarship scheme, the government provides the entire cost of studying from class 6 to B.Ed diploma etc. to two children in your family in the form of scholarship.
  10. In addition, this labor and Shramik Card There are many other benefits of becoming so that you can immediately start this wage or labor card Apply to make And get your labor card made.

labor card application documents?

if you Labor Card Applying to make or own Shramik Card If you are getting it made, then you should have the following necessary documents available with you, only then you will be able to apply online for it.

  • ️Worker’s Aadhar Card
  • ️Worker’s Identity Card
  • ️Ration Card
  • ️Bank Passbook
  • ️passport size photo
  • ️NREGA Job Card (if any)
  • If the laborer works in a private company or with a contractor, then get a certificate issued from there or take NREGA job card from your village head and update the details of the work in it and he can use it to apply. is |

Shramik Card / labor card registration?

if you own Labor Card or Shramik Card If you want to get it done, then you have to follow this process mentioned below and you will have to apply online only after that your Shramik Card Will be made

  • Shramik Card First of all, its official website ( ) go to |
  • After this, the official website of Uttar Pradesh Government Labor Department will open in front of you, here if you are not able to understand in English, then by clicking on the button of Hindi, you can do all the website in Hindi.
  • After this you will get online on this website labor registration A link will appear, you have to click on it.
Labor Card Apply
  • As soon as you click on this link, another new page will open in front of you.
narega card
  • Now you have to get new registration here ( labor registration ) page will appear.
  • Now you have to fill your Aadhar card number here.
  • After that select your district.
  • After that you have to enter your mobile number, after which OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • You have to enter it in the OTP column and click on Authenticate above. After that you have to submit it.
  • After submitting, friends, you will be given your user ID and password here.
  • here you now GO TO LOGIN must click on
  • After this you will reach the login page.
  • Here you have to enter your User ID and Password and click on the Login button.
  • After clicking on Login, another new page will open in front of you.

Now register your labor –

  • After successfully login with user id and password, you have to click on above labor registration.
  • Now the application form will open in front of you.
majduri card
Majduri Card
  • Here you will be asked for your information in the application form.
  • First of all, you have to fill the application date here.
  • After that the name of the worker has to be filled.
  • The name of the father of the worker is to be filled.
  • Mother’s name to be filled.
  • Select the type of card.
  • Father to fill husband’s name.
  • In this way in Hindi English.
  • After this you will have to upload the following documents in the application form here
  • Aadhar card
  • bank passbook
  • employer’s certificate

Note-Employer certificate is the income certificate which is provided to you by a contractor or where you have worked, in which it is told that you have worked with him, if you have NREGA job card then you can do this employment. can be substituted for certificate.

  • You have to read all the information asked in this application and fill it completely.
  • Now after this you have to click on submit your application.
  • After clicking on submit, it will now take you to the payment page.
  • Now you have to pay its contribution of ₹ 20 for 1 year.
  • After this, friends, if you have filled all the information here correctly, after verifying it by the department, its report will be given to you after 3 days on the official website of the department.
  • Now you will have received the application number and payment slip here, you can print it and keep it safe, it will be useful in your future.

Shramik Card Download 2022?

  • My Shramik Card Download first to do this official website go to |
  • Now enter your User ID and Password here and click on the Login button.
  • After successful login, click on the button to download the labor registration certificate.
  • Now enter your registration number here and enter your date of birth.
  • After this, if your registration card has come after verification, then you will see it here.
  • Now you from here Shramik Card Download do and print

Labor Card Registration Process?

  • 1#- First type “” on the address bar and press the inter button.
  • 2#- Now the website of Uttar Pradesh Labor Departmentt has opened in front of you.
  • 3#- If you want to see the website in Hindi, click on the “Hindi” button.
  • 4#- Now click on the link “Online Registration and Renewal”.
  • 5#- Now the “Labor Act Management System” website has opened in front of you.
  • 6#- Now from here you can choose your language.
  • 7#- If you want to see in Hindi, then choose ‘Hindi’ language.
  • 8#- Read the instructions given on the website.
  • 9#- To use the portal, membership of the portal has to be obtained.
  • 10#- Now if you are a new user, click on the “Register Now” button, then click on New Registration.
  • 11#- Fill your details in the given form and create a User-ID and Password. You login by entering your User-ID (User Name) and password.
  • 12#- First select the Uttar Pradesh Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1962 in “Select Act” and click on registration.
  • 13#- Now read the given instructions and tick “I have read all instructions carefully” and click on the I AGREE button.
  • 14#- Now fill the given form carefully and calculate the ‘Calculate Fee’ and submit the form, now click on Proceed for payment and pay the fee online through internet banking.
  • 15#- After successful payment, the registration certificate will be issued automatically.
  • 16#- Click on the print certificate and get the registration certificate.

Official Website All-State Labor Card Apply?

Labor Card, Majduri Card, Shramik Card Apply?

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FAQs Labor Card Registration?

What is Labor Card?

The benefit and contribution to be given from time to time to all the laborers is given through the labor card.

Who can get Shramik Card made?

Any laborer who works as a laborer or laborer can apply to get his labor card made.

In how many days the labor card or labor card is generated?

It takes 2 to 3 days to get it verified by the government department, you get your labor card within 2 to 3 days.

Has any IM been prescribed for getting a labor card?

Yes, if you want to get a labor card, then your age should be more than 18 years.

If the application for making a labor card is canceled, can you apply for it again?

Yes, if your labor card application has been canceled then you can apply again by correcting your information again.

Are labor card labor card and labor card different?

No ! It is the same of all three, just they are known by different names.

I have NREGA job card, can I get labor card made?

Yes, if you work in NREGA, then your labor card will be made easily.

I have lost my labor card, can I get it again?

Yes, you can download your labor card by visiting the official website of Labor Department or Labor Department or you can get this card by visiting your labor office.

Is the majduri card different for every state?

Yes, you can get your labor card or labor card made by visiting your state’s website, the government of every state provides different services for you.

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