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Linlithgow celebrated its historic March Day on Tuesday.

Flute and drummers kicked off at 5 a.m. with a parade to wake residents through Burg, Linlithgow Bridge and Blackness.

(Image: Stuart Vance / Reach Plc)

At 6 a.m., pipes and drums followed the same route, with the Linlithgow Reed band providing a second wake up call before providing a moment of reflection as they made their way to West Port at 23. performed the hymn. Provost.

At 8 a.m. the Provost Party had breakfast at the Town Hall before being joined by the Round Table, Rotary, 41 Club and Diors and marched to the palace for the fraternity.

(Image: Stuart Vance / Reach Plc)

The procession went west to Linlithgow Bridge to the sound of the Linlithgow Reed Band at 11 a.m., then made its way over Linlithgow Bridge to Lowport and then Blackness.

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(Image: Stuart Vance / Reach Plc)

The Civic Party then laid a wreath at the War Memorial in Blackness before fencing the court at Castle Hill, Blackness, and the installation of Baron Bailey.

The Provost’s party had lunch at the marquee in Blackness before the grand finale at 5 p.m., when the procession went three times around the Cross Well.

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