Leaders of all parties engaged in the politics of earning unaccounted money, all indulging in corruption, ED team questioned Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Recently a senior friend of the Indian Administrative Service was asked that ‘how does a person become the owner of such a huge wealth as soon as he enters politics?’ During the conversation on this subject, he gave a very accurate answer and that answer was- ‘Today people come to politics because they are there…’. In fact today there is no politics to drive away any British rule.

Yes, the turmoil of occupying power goes on and the one whose piece sits, the very next day knowingly or unknowingly becomes the owner of immense wealth by the majesty of the chair and considers himself as worthy as before. No. This was not the case during the independence period. The sole aim of all was to drive out the foreign invaders from the country and give opportunity to the people of the country to breathe the air of freedom.

That is why all the national men of the independence period remained immaculate and we Indians remain humble even today with reverence for all those brave mighty warriors. What was the greed of Sardar Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru who kissed the noose in their youth. What was the greed of Lala Lajpat Rai, whose head was beheaded by the British in Lahore, leading to his death? History is replete with the sacrifices of thousands of such revolutionaries and leaders. He was fearless, his thinking was above the thinking of today’s leaders, he did not enter politics for money, his aim was social service and public service, he was a man of the nation.

After independence, the names of the big leaders who have come to the fore in the corruption case include the name of Congress veteran Smt. Sonia Gandhi. Leaders of many other parties including Sonia Gandhi and Congress and former Speaker of Parliament Rahul Gandhi. Last week, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) questioned Rahul Gandhi continuously in the National Herald money laundering case. In which many leaders in support of Rahul Gandhi gave their arrest under the Satyagraha movement and said that Rahul Gandhi is pressurizing the government in various matters, so the ruling party and public attention is misusing the government department to hide its failure. Huh. Such action is being taken to mislead. For the time being, Rahul Gandhi will now have to appear again before the ED on June 20 for questioning.

On the other hand, ruling party MP Subramanian Swamy has said that Rahul Gandhi should leave India using his British passport, as Rahul Gandhi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will face long sentences. It is to be known that the Delhi High Court has given a stay on a personal application of Subramanian Swamy and the Enforcement Directorate is questioning Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in this matter.

After the investigation, the court will tell the truth and the lie, but due to the use of sticks and sticks between the ruling party and the Congress, the whole society is entangled in these things, forgetting to think about its own interest. Some people say that the family which gave three prime ministers to the country and also handed over their family to the country, such action is not appropriate to take revenge and create fear towards the ruling party.

It is also being told to the people of the country that after the Gujarat riots, the then Chief Minister and the current Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi was also questioned by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) for nine hours, but no response came. Then satyagraha or movement in the country. ,

The truth is that if the Bharatiya Janata Party is afraid of anyone in the politics of the country, then it is the only leader of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi. There is an outbreak of this fear that by holding a press conference with Mrs. Smriti Irani, Dr. Sambit Patra and Sudhanshu Trivedi, an attempt is being made to convey this message to the public that this issue is of the previous government and the era of Rahul Gandhi and Mrs. Both Sonia Gandhi are out on bail, BJP has nothing to do with this episode. Right now, the matter from which the country is burning, no explanation or admission is being given by these spokespersons or it is being told that two of their spokespersons have severed India’s relations with the friendly countries of the world.

Some efforts are being made from the internal level to deal with those situations, but no assurance is being given to the people of the country or our allies on the mistake of the party spokespersons. Countries that have thrown Indian products on the road and said that no leniency will be shown to those who insult their religious leaders. If indeed those countries have also done the same, then it can be easily estimated that how much India’s problems will increase.

Remember that after the defeat of Indira Gandhi, the then Janata Party had created a similar ruckus, but a wavering tour of Mrs. Indira Gandhi ruined all the plans of the Janata Party. At that time there was no name of Congress far and wide, but the arrest of Mrs. Indira Gandhi and the Belchi episode pushed the Janata Party back for years. Today, the Enforcement Directorate is trying to convey the same condition that is being created in the country in the name of interrogation by calling Rahul Gandhi again and again. The way the Congress is on a boil in all the states of the country, it is pointing towards the future, who will have to bear the brunt of it.

Similarly, the name of former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram is also included in the corruption case. He has also faced arrest on corruption charges. In fact, P. Chidambaram is not the first politician to be arrested. Even before him, many famous leaders have eaten the air of jail. Former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, famous in the name of fodder scam, has been arrested.

This scam happened when Jharkhand was not separated from Bihar. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was also jailed for acquiring disproportionate assets. Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s aide Sasikala has also gone to jail in this case. Former Haryana Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala is also serving a sentence on corruption charges. Senior BJP leader Bangaru Laxman has also been punished for corruption. He had taken bribe from a fake arms dealer to get a contract from the Defense Ministry to buy binoculars for the army, later he died.

DMK leader D. Raja, who was a minister in the UPA government, was said to be the mastermind of the 2G scam and has spent fifteen months in jail on this charge. Yediyurappa has also spent 15 days in jail in the land scam. In 2011, Lokayukta Santosh Hegde brought an indictment against Yeddyurappa, which led him to resign as chief minister. He was arrested by the CBI for his involvement in the Rs 70,000 crore scam involving Suresh Kalmadi in the Commonwealth Games case. He was the President of the Indian Olympic Association and the President of the Commonwealth Games at the time of his arrest.

After independence, it has become a situation that the bigger Bahubali is, the bigger will be his stature in politics. Last year, the Supreme Court had ordered that no case against former MPs and MLAs would be withdrawn without the permission of the High Court of the respective state. Keeping this in mind, Justice Vijay Hansaria, appointed to hear and assist cases against MPs and MLAs, told the Supreme Court earlier this year that the number of pending cases against MPs and MLAs in two years stood at 4,122. 4,984 from Rs. Justice Vijay Hansaria has said in his report that there has been an increase in 862 cases in three years.

Despite speedy trial, 4,984 cases were pending against MPs and MLAs. According to the website of the Department of Justice, which comes under the Union Ministry of Law and Justice, the Supreme Court had ordered that special courts should be set up to hear pending cases in states where the number of such cases is 65 or more. , Today tickets are also given to such people who have not even learned the politics of politics, who have not read the history of the country, have not seen the social ethos, suddenly they come forward and start running the state and the country.

Actually, ‘Politics’ is made up of two words ‘Raj’ + ‘Policy’. Raj means governance and policy means the art of doing the right thing at the right time and at the right place, i.e. to rule with a particular policy or to achieve a particular objective is called ‘politics’. In other words, raising the social and economic standard (public standard of living) of the people is ‘politics’. Those who make laws and are responsible for enforcing them are called government. The subject, which studies every subject related to the state and government, is called political science or political science in the present era.

Political science encourages man to be free from the evils of casteism, linguistics, communalism etc. and to form a political opinion based on a firm principle. The meaning, definition, scope and importance of Political Science can be summarized to the conclusion that Political Science is a very useful subject. The study of this subject develops such qualities in man which increase the success of democracy and the harmony of all humanity. The study of political science can make a significant contribution to the proper development of human civilization and preservation of human culture.

It is an integral part of the state and government is one of the basic elements of the state. In reality the state is a fantasy and in reality the government exists. As society changes and civilization develops, so should the field of political science. There was a time when political science was confined to city-state problems, but in the present international era the field of political science has become more diverse and broad. There is no end to the development of human civilization. The nature of man is based on the fact that man does not have to be satisfied with any stage of civilization, but even after achieving everything, man does not hesitate to go in search of an unattainable destination.

The common citizen will have to do something to free the society from corrupt politicians, but the question is, who will tie the bell around the cat’s neck? Those who raise their voice against corruption and corruption themselves have to participate in this. Then how will there be clean politics? India is ranked 85 out of 180 countries in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2021.

According to the report of Transparency International, India’s ranking has improved by one place as compared to last time. However, questions have been raised on India’s democratic system in the report. According to experts, rankings of 180 countries and territories are compiled based on perceived levels of public sector corruption. This ranking is determined using a scale of zero to 100 points.

The country getting zero marks is the most corrupt, while the country getting 100 marks is considered clean from the point of view of corruption. It can be controlled only by the politician sitting in the highest position. It has to be seen that when our country gets 100 marks in the category of cleanliness and youths who want to make their career in politics show their participation in it.

(The writer is a senior journalist and political analyst)

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