Landslide in Jammu Kashmir: National Highway jammed due to landslide in Jammu and Kashmir, long queues of thousands of vehicles

National Highway block: Jammu-Srinagar National Highway was blocked due to a massive landslide on Friday near Banihal in Jammu and Kashmir. Due to which thousands of vehicles got stuck there. The officials there have given information about this. He said that during the ongoing work on the four-lane project, a landslide occurred on the 270-km-long highway in Romepady at around 11 am. This is the only road connecting Kashmir with the rest of the country. The concerned authorities have started the work of clearing the road.

National Highway jammed due to landslide in Udhampur

Passengers are in trouble

Passengers also had to bear a lot of problems due to the imposition of the jam. Passengers had to say that it is hot and in the meantime getting stuck in traffic is no less than a challenge. They are neither able to move forward nor are they able to go back. He demanded the administration to restore the road soon. Local people say that the work of road construction is going on here. In such a situation, there is a jam here every day. People have to face trouble in completing their daily tasks and reaching the destination. Sometimes one has to be stuck in a jam in the scorching heat for hours.

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