Lakhpati can make 5 Rupees Note

5 Rupees Note – The government has disappeared all the old notes from the market, if you also have only ₹ 5 note, then it can be understood that there is no shortage of anything because the government has made all the notes in the market according to the guidelines of RBI. Old notes have been deposited in the bank or changed from the bank, so you do not have any old coin or note with you.

If someone has an old note or coin, then he goes to the bank and gets his note changed and takes a new note or new coin from the RBI in exchange for the old note coin, if still someone is found with the old note or coin. So bye is considered equally best and worst and it remains useless. But if you also have an old coin or old note, then we tell how much money you can get from that note or coin.

Lakhpati can make 5 Rupees Note
Lakhpati can make 5 Rupees Note

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5 Rupees Note

if you have 5 Rupees Note If you have then you can also become a millionaire and in such a situation, if you have 5 Rupees Note If found, you will not feel the lack of anything, nowadays people have many old coins, but there are some rare coins that are present with a few few people, out of which it is worth ₹ 5. There is a note which is found with very few people, if you also have such an old note or you have got this note in your hands, then your luck can also shine.

Why sell old notes and coins?

If we tell you how old notes or coins are sold, then nowadays old notes and coins are known as antique pieces, which people like to keep as memorabilia, there are many people who keep old notes and coins. By adding them as a collection, they keep them as memories and they like to buy old coins or notes or they have a hobby, in this way the old notes coins are sold in the form of auction for lakhs of rupees and nowadays The demand for such antique piece notes or coins is increasing in the market.

Which coin is more in demand?

If we tell you here, then the old note which is ₹ 5 which was printed before 1990, on which the tractor is printed on one side, such note is being sold in the market at a price of about ₹ 50000 and if Similarly, let us talk that if the picture of Mata Vaishno is printed on a coin of ₹ 5, then you can sell this coin for a good price and you can get a good price for it, in the same way if you have ₹ 5 note. If 786 is present in the serial number, then you can also easily batch it between 5 to ₹ 10000.

Where to sell old notes and coins?

If you do not know where these old notes and coins are sold, then we will tell you here. old notes and coins are being sold on websites like ,,, just for this you have to go to these websites and register yourself. After registering, you have to upload the photo of your note or coin here, if any interested person is interested to buy Intex’s or antique note, then he contacts you and these coins and notes are in the opinion of your price. buys the Then you have to send that coin and note to them, in this way you can batch old coins and notes.

Disclaimer -The information about selling coins and notes is not confirmed on this website, it is only for education purpose, do not we claim any such information.

5 Rupees Note

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