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The Aadhaar program was launched with the main objective to provide universal identity to every Indian resident. People can now easily get the card as its acceptance as a mandatory document for various initiatives has been made officially. Also it will help in reducing corruption as each person has only one unique number (Aadhaar Card print online : Print Service).

Keeping in view the increasing acceptance of Aadhar card, it is mandatory for all to issue it. It is believed that the card will be given more importance as more and more government schemes are being launched, it is required as a mandatory document.

Online Aadhar Card Print Without Mobile?

UIDAI Authority of India has made the process of linking mobile number with Aadhar card important a few days back to keep your Aadhar data safe. If the mobile number is not registered on the Aadhar card, then you cannot access your Aadhar card from your mobile nor can it link the e-KYC process through OTP and in case of loss of Aadhar card, you cannot download it. can

The process of downloading aadhar card without registered mobile number was started some time back in which you can download your aadhar card by entering enrollment number through aadhaar registration slip but in this there is increasing risk of some leakage in aadhar data due to which UIDAI has It has been secured and now you cannot withdraw Aadhar card without mobile number.

How would it be without the mobile number base card download !! Then how to download aadhar card without mobile number?

This problem is going on very fast in the mind of the beneficiaries that if the mobile number is not registered on our Aadhar card, then how will we be able to remove it, then for this we are telling you a simple way through which you can get your Aadhar card. But you should keep in mind that whenever you make any correction in your Aadhar card, then definitely register the mobile number, let us talk about downloading the Aadhar card without the mobile number registered.

To download your Aadhar card, you will have to visit the nearest Bank Kia Post Office branch, there you will have to tell your Aadhar number and you can get your Aadhar card removed by seeing your thumb impression.

Lost Aadhar Card and not mobile number registered Aadhar download Aadhar card is lost and mobile number is not registered even then download your Aadhar card by this process

If your Aadhar card is lost and you do not have Aadhar number nor your mobile number is registered on your Aadhar card, then in this situation also you can get your Aadhar card downloaded, for this you have to go to your nearest bank or post office. And there you take that document which you had given while making Aadhar card, through that document your Aadhar card can be searched.

Keep in mind that your Aadhar card is generated only once, so if you had your voter card or bank passbook or PAN card, then you take that document to the Aadhar center and there you can get your Aadhar card removed, you have to give them your own. Name Father’s Name Your Address Your Pin Code State District Block You have to give all the information, then you will get your Aadhar card out and get it. ,

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