Kangna experiment in fashion, Alia is simple, Priyanka needs strong dress Kangana Experiment in fashion, Alia is simple, Priyanka needs strong dress

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Shenoy, stylist to actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt and Kangana Ranaut, feels that people have started spending a lot on fashion, but their thinking about it is limited. People take fashion lightly, but the truth is that if you want to understand the character of a city, society or country or want to know the condition of the people there, then look at the dress of that place.

In Syria-Libya no one wears colorful fashionable clothes. Especially not women. It is necessary to wear a hijab to live. At the same time, wearing anything is not prohibited in India. Look how easily fashion has pointed out the difference between the mindset and character of the two countries.

Rubaru is Sanjay Kumar Dhauliya who is popularly known as Shanoy in the industry. By the way, he is from Bhind, MP and he has studied fashion from NIFD Indore and is working in Mumbai for the last 9 years. Read his conversation with Dainik Bhaskar…

Do you know that fashion waste is the second largest polluting waste in the world.
Yes that is correct. Some people have understood this and that is why austerity has started. Thrift store refers to a place where one or two used clothes are available at very low cost. There is no question of getting cheap clothes here. Rather the question is about harming nature. Although it is not very popular because people do not like to wear used clothes.

It is often heard that whenever incidents like molestation or rape happen, a question also arises that what was the girl wearing and fingers start pointing at the character of the victim. What do you think about this?
An exhibition was organized in Jaipur in which some clothes were displayed. These were all the clothes of the rape victims. He also had a short frock, a baby short and a T-shirt. It also had a simple gown of a middle-aged woman. It is the rotten mentality of some people whose stench is troubling the entire society and the country. What does a rapist have to do with clothes? This filth is in that person’s thoughts, in his own culture. Anger comes when people blame women’s dress for such antics with them.

What is your definition of fashion and style?
Fashion is a trend that will change, but style is your personality. Whatever you wear, it will have the same style and look.

Which celebrity has been the most challenging to style?

The only challenge is that everyone has their own personality. Like Alia’s style is simple, away from the frills. In her wedding too, she wore very simple outfits of light shades. While Kangana experiments a lot. Kangana’s dressing sense is very good. Kangana doesn’t need to ask any stylist which outfit should go with which hairstyle.

I am a fan of Priyanka Chopra since college days. He has a strong image and loves power dressing. Madhuri Dixit has also started experimenting a lot now. Her hairstyle was always the same curly as before, but now she has poker straight hair and tries new things every now and then. Urfi Javed gets trolled about her outfits but she tries everything. From sacks to newspapers. I will praise him for this.

You are from Bhind. Was it easy to choose fashion as a career?

No, it was not easy at all. The whole district was against the family. Relatives used to say that now will you make a vest? But I had decided that I would do it. Priyanka was my inspiration. I always wanted to meet him. Thought I couldn’t be an actor, I’d meet as a stylist. Earlier there was a lot of opposition in the family but now everyone is very happy.

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