Japan to run bullet train from Moon to Mars! How will the journey be, watch the video

Japan gave the first bullet train to the world. And now scientists from Japan are making the concept of running a bullet train on the Moon and even on Mars. Researchers from Japan’s Kyoto University and Kajima Construction are planning to create artificial space environments on the Moon and Mars. This means that there it would be possible for humans to live in a particular area. Scientists are working on the concept of bullet train to travel there. For this, work is going on on a transportation system named ‘Hexagon Space Track System’.

According to reports, space agencies of various countries are preparing their missions for Mars. The US space agency NASA is also exploring the possibilities of life there through its spacecraft. But researchers in Japan are working one step ahead. According to the project, a mini capsule with a radius of 15 meters will connect the Earth and the Moon. After this, a capsule of 30 meters radius will be used to connect the Moon and Mars.

Although this is not a preparation for a few years. The project is going to take a long time. Researchers have said that this project is expected to be completed by the year 2050.

In a press conference recently, Yosuke Yamashiki, director of Kyoto University’s SIC Human Spaceology Center, said that there is no such plan in the space development plans of other countries. Our plan ensures that in future humans will be able to go to space. Takuya Ono, a senior researcher at Kajima Construction, who is collaborating on the project, said that we are committed to completing this project and it will be very useful for humans in the future.

Because the atmosphere of Mars is not fit for human habitation, there is also a plan to build a glass habitat on Mars under the project. That is, it will be a kind of cover, within which people will get the same atmosphere as the Earth. Those who want to get out of this habitat will have to wear a spacesuit. Scientists hope that before the end of this century, humans will start moving on the Moon and Mars.

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