Jammu And Kashmir: Important step taken to eliminate narco-terror syndicate in the valley

Drug De-Addiction Policy: Jammu and Kashmir has become the first Union Territory in the country after the state of Punjab to have a comprehensive de-addiction policy aimed at addressing the menace of drug abuse. (J&K De-addiction Policy). The new policy will not only root out the Narco-Terror Syndicate, but will also help drug addicts in treatment, de-addiction and rehabilitation. According to the officials of Jammu and Kashmir "golden crescent" Due to its location in the vicinity, there was an urgent need to formulate a drug de-addiction policy by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

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These committees have been entrusted with the task of inspecting existing de-addiction facilities in J&K and granting or canceling licenses after thorough inspection of infrastructure, manpower and standards of care. It is also entrusted with the task of advising various stakeholders in timely implementation of de-addiction policy and monitoring of drug abuse and suggesting remedial measures to the Drug Controller.

The policy also focuses on various key aspects including prevention, rehabilitation and integration, training and sensitization, community participation, awareness generation and upgradation/establishment of de-addiction centres. "It lays out a comprehensive action plan to fully address the issue of drug addiction. There has been a huge increase in physical, mental and substance abuse disorders in the last two decades across the Union Territory. There is an alarming change in substance abuse patterns in terms of increasing female users, decreasing age at first use, increasing use of solvents, injectable-opiates and steroid use, as well as increased drug-related deaths. Change has come. overdose and accidents), "said the official.

Special eye on drug cultivation

“The task force will institutionalize mechanisms to promote comprehensive reporting on illegal farming, transportation, trade and consumption of drugs and their synthetic derivatives; This work will be done through NGOs, Panchayati Raj Institutions and volunteers! "It can be said that major improvements in health can only be addressed by broad-based impacts that benefit both high-risk groups and the general public. In this regard, Jammu and Kashmir has taken a lead by addressing this serious social issue in a big way,” said the official.

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