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In OmalureரிDiamSalem District Superintendent of Police Shri Abhinav told reporters that the money was swindled.

about this Superintendent of Police Shri Abhinav That said, there have been reports of some people being involved in money laundering and iridium scams in the Omalur area for the past 2 months. Based on that, the private police carried out a serious investigation.

Rajee and Vilvendiran have been arrested. During the investigation conducted on them, they have swindled Rs. 20 lakhs from Radhakrishnan. The investigation also revealed that 5 others had committed money laundering.

It has been revealed that many of them have been deceived into accepting money. A series of investigations are underway. If any of them were deceived, he requested them to immediately lodge a complaint with the concerned police.


He went on to say that the public should not be deceived by such issues as iridium rice pulling, counterfeit stones, earthworms and money laundering. Responding to a question from reporters, District Superintendent of Police Shri Abhinav said various measures were being taken to curb the sale of cannabis.

The bank accounts of 14 people involved have been frozen. 2 of them have been arrested under the Thugs Act. He said action was being taken to arrest 3 more persons under the Gangs Act.


So far Rs 54 lakh has been recovered and handed over to those involved in cyber crime complaints. There are problems in apprehending the culprits involved in these incidents as they are from foreign states.

Complaints have increased as the public has become more aware of cybercrime. However, he said the public should be made aware so that they do not fall prey to such scams.

We have sought legal advice on the complaint lodged by former AIADMK spokesperson Pukahendi against former Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy.

He said action would be taken accordingly. Subsequently, complaints regarding interest can be lodged at 94981009790, 9629390203. 6 cases have been registered in connection with usury and in 4 cases documents have been confiscated and action has been taken.


Speed ​​radar equipment has been installed at two locations to reduce accidents on national highways. With this tool the speed of the vehicles will be monitored and those involved in the offenses will be automatically fined and SMS will be sent.

The e-salon system will be implemented in the next few weeks. He said 200 roadblocks with solar powered glowing stickers would be placed at accident sites in Salem district. During the interview, DSP Sangeetha was accompanied by Omalur Police Inspector Indrani.

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