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Marathi filmmaker Kedar Shinde often writes heartwarming notes dedicated to his friends and family. In his most recent post, he shared a note about his maternal grandfather Krishnarao Ganpatrao Sable, better known as Shahir, and his wife Bhanumati Sable. The post describes how he bought his first radio. Krishnarao Ganpatrao Sable was a famous folk artist.

Kedar writes that Shahir had to struggle a lot to make a place in Mumbai. According to Kedar, Shahir and Bhanumati decided to work hard to establish their name. At that time HMV Company was hiring singers to give vocals for Marathi songs. To get into this company, aspiring singers had to take a voice test. Fortunately, Shahir passed through this test and his songs started airing on the radio.

Kedar writes that Shahir’s priority was Maharashtrian folk music, but Bhanumati wanted to compose music in her own distinctive style. Apart from this, Pandora also felt the need of radio. Shahir also agreed. The financial situation was difficult. Despite spending a lot, Shahir somehow adjusted and bought a radio.

According to what, Mr. Panchal? Director Bhanumati was very happy to get the radio. At the same time someone brought the camera of his acquaintance and took a photo of Pandora from the radio.

Kedar fans were excited to read this story. He expressed his happiness in the comment section.

After knowing about such amazing stories, the audience is even more excited to watch the movie Maharashtra Shaheer. Maharashtra Shahir is based on the life of Krishnarao Ganpatrao Sable. Kedar had told in a post that his grandfather stayed away from the Marathi film industry for a very long time. Shahir never wanted to confine himself to one form of art, he said.

Actor Ankush Chaudhary has been roped in for the role of Shahir. Apart from Ankush, other names associated with this film have not been disclosed yet. Pratima V. Kulkarni has written the story of Maharashtra Shahir.

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