I’m sorry to hear that. Monkeys killed in Dhuburito

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The river Gadadhar at Tamarhat in Dhubri was flooded by the rising water. Due to the rising water level of the river, the road leading to Alokjhari village was cut off. Thousands of people lost contact.

Due to incessant rains in the state for several days, the water level in each river has been rising by leaps and bounds. River water flowing above the danger line. In the meantime, many rivers and streams in the state have been washed away by the rising river. On the way to the historic Alokjhari Mahamaya temple or Alokjhari village under the Golakganj Rajah Chakra of Dhubri district, you can see the dalakhan on the river Gadadhar. The road leading to Alokjhari village was completely cut off due to the rising waters of Dalanghan river. The village has two schools, the historic Maa Mahamaya temple, and thousands of people live in the village. This is the only way of communication for the general public, such as students going to school, shopping, etc. The local RJD has requested the government to take steps to cross the river.

On the other hand, in Gosaigaon of Kokrajhar district, a wooden pole was washed away by the river Sankosh. Gosaigaon’s Jiyagurit river overflows its banks and lifts the river. In the meantime, the rising water of the Sankosh River has disrupted the communication between Dahatkhan and more villages of Nihat Dahakhan. Gosaigaon, Kashiabari, Charaibil, Bajugaon, Jiyaguri, Patharguri, Jayma, Gamna and other villages of Dahakhan have been affected by the floods. Rise in the area is worrying today as the waters of the Sankosh River, which is overflowing with Nisha Feni Fetkar, are breaking down. Because it was the only place to go to the market, school, college, or hospital.

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