If the post was a political issue then why did Imran Khan take it to the Security Committee? Maryam Nawaz

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PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz has asked if the post was a political issue then why Imran Khan took it to the security committee.

Talking to media in Islamabad, Maryam Nawaz said that if we do not implement the agreement of PTI with IMF, then the country will default. The Shahbaz government would not have raised a single penny on petrol.

Talking about the alleged post, Maryam Nawaz said, “Imran Khan is saying that this is a political issue. DG ISPR does not need to speak. If the post was a political issue, then why did Imran Khan himself take it to the National Security Committee?” This is a matter of national security, not a political issue. Imran Khan put Pakistan’s security and security agencies at stake to polish his politics.

He said that the statement made by DG ISPR was not made at the individual level but as a representative of Pakistan’s security agencies. Can

He said that now there was no need to explain to anyone, Imran Khan has repeatedly proved to be a liar.

He said that it would take months or years for Imran Khan to recover from the catastrophe he had caused. Imran Khan brought the country on this path. will be done’.

Asked about Nawaz Sharif’s statement regarding the return of former President Pervez Musharraf, Nawaz said, “Nawaz Sharif’s tweet was purely on humanitarian grounds. Not only did he become a victim but the whole family remained for eleven years.

He further said, “In front of me, Nawaz Sharif was sentenced to life imprisonment twice by a Karachi court in 1999. I was present in this court. He was thrown in Attock Fort and deported. At that time, the rulers were Musharraf. Musharraf cannot stand or sit on the stage he is on. Nawaz Sharif has shown a big heart.

The PML-N leader said that Nawaz Sharif does not believe in personal revenge. Despite all that I had to endure, Nawaz Sharif is still far from home and is not returning home.

The PML-N leader said that Nawaz Sharif is not a part of the government. ‘

He said, “Alone is enough for Imran Khan and his fake party. Imran Khan hid in the bunker of Peshawar for a month fearing Rana Sanaullah. He has to lead for the call of long march. Tax revolutions do not come, one corruption scandal after another is coming up against Imran Khan, he committed the biggest robberies in the history of Pakistan but these things will not be hidden, cases will be made against him and should be made, if there is any anarchy. If he calls, the state will stop him with full force.

Maryam Nawaz said, “Elections will be held on time. After tough decisions, time is needed to stabilize the country. Pakistan will go to the polls on time. No such situation will be created if there is talk of early elections.” ۔

The PML-N leader said, “I still respect the statement vote and will continue to do so. The PML-N does not need crutches. This was the need of Fitna Khan. He got crutches. Chile, as soon as the crutches are removed, it falls on its face. PML-N believes in the power of the people, serves the people and goes to the people for decision.

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