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Here, a very good news has come out for those who have got a driving license sitting at home, if you too do your own thing sitting at home. Driving License Online Apply If you want to do this, then this is a very easy opportunity for you, you can now make your driving license sitting at home and at the same time you can print your this at home. Driving License Print can remove and that your Digital Driving License will be with you

Government of India Driving License Apply The process of doing this has now been made completely online, for this you will no longer have to go to the RTO office again and again and in this you will also get rid of bribing a government employee, let’s know how we can get our driving license. Download and print

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Driving License Apply Download HIGHLIGHTS

Service Name Driving License Apply Download
Service Providertransport Department
BeneficiaryIndian citizens
Driving license apply and Print️click here
official website click here

Driving License Apply prosses Step By STEP




Driving License Apply

  • first official go to website,
  • After successfully opening the website, scroll down and click on the option of Driving Driver Learner License.
  • After this another website will open in front of you, scroll down and select your state.
  • The facility of making Learner License through EKYC has started in Madhya Pradesh and some selected states.
  • Select Madhya Pradesh State.
  • After this, click on Apply for Learner License, see the complete information about filling the application and click on the button of Continue.
  • After that select Journal option and click on submit button.
  • After this the application form will open in front of it, fill all the information in it and submit
  • Next, complete the payment and keep the receipt printed.
  • Now your learner license application has been successfully filled.
  • If you don’t understand how to apply then watch the video below.

How to driving license download pdf from Digilocker🔥

Digilocker is an advanced wallet that naturally saves your documents. All documents connected with your and connected with your aadhaar number are naturally saved. To get to Digi storage, you really want to make a record on Digilocker and sign in. After this follow these means to download your DL duplicate:

  • Login to your Digi storage account either on the site or versatile application
  • Once signed in, go to the “Gave Documents” segment
  • view driving license download subtleties on digilocker
  • There search for a “Driving License”
  • Click on it to open up your DL record
  • To download it as pdf return to the past page and snap on three vertical spots (or the driving license download pdf image) comparing to “Driving License”
  • download driving permit utilizing digilocker
  • Then, at that point, select “driving license download pdf ,
  • Your driving license download pdf to your portable or PC now

KYC driving learner license apply video

How to print driving license online ( Driving License Download )

    • yours first driving license download of the Department of Transportation to official website will have to open
    • you are given below by clicking on the link ️You can visit the official website of the Transport Department.
    • After the website is fully opened, you will see the menu in the website, in which you will see the option of print license details below, on which you have to click.
    • After clicking the first option in front of you print learner license Will be written on which you have to click.
    • Now another page will open in front of you in which you only have to click on the process button.
    • After this, a new one will go in front of you in which you will be asked for the application number of your application, the application number and the date of birth.
    • While applying, you must have noted that the application number and your date of birth will be written on the application that you have received, you have to enter both here and click on the submit button.

  • After submitting, your name and your application number will be written in front of you and next to it you will see the option of print, you have to click on the option of print.
  • By clicking on the print option, a PDF will open in front of you on which you will have your driving learning license from which you have to take a print out.
  • Note that after the expiry date of the Learning License, you cannot download the Learner License again, you have to keep in mind that.

Now if you do not follow the new traffic rules, then you will get Penalties and Fines up to ₹ 10000.

UP Government has made huge changes in the New Traffic Rules India, due to which heavy Penalties and Fines will be imposed on the person who does not follow these new rules, which will improve the New Traffic Rules and all the people will take care of this. To know which new rules have been implemented and how much Penalties and Fines will have to be paid on which rule, must read the information below.

New Traffic Rules have been implemented

Recently, the UP Government has made a big announcement for the people who do not follow the rules of the road and traffic rules, due to which all those crazy people will have to pay increased Penalties and Fines, who do not follow the rules of traffic because the government has put Penalties and Fines in it. Fines have been increased up to 5 times so that you people will drive any vehicle with care and caution and will take care of all traffic rules because if someone is caught doing this then a big Penalties and Fines will be imposed on him and along with punishment. also ordered

How much Penalties and Fines will be imposed for breaking which New Traffic Rules India :-

Recently, the Uttar Pradesh government had made some major changes in its Motor Vehicle Act, in which it was told that the provision of increasing the amount of Penalties and Fines was announced for breaking the new traffic rules running under the Motor Vehicle Act. Due to this, recently the government has recognized this new amendment by issuing a notification for this and this law has come into force, in which how much Penalties and Fines will have to be paid for breaking these rules.

Driving License Download

Driving without a licence, over-speeding, driving without a seat belt, driving without a helmet, driving under the influence of alcohol, etc.

: New Traffic Rules India will be fined for not obeying:

  • Earlier, Penalties and Fines amount was ₹ 100 for driving a two wheeler without Driving License but now it has been increased to ₹ 500.
  • Earlier, the amount of Penalties and Fines for driving at high speed was kept at ₹ 1000 on light vehicles and ₹ 2000 on medium class vehicles, whereas now this amount has been increased to ₹ 2000 and ₹ 4000 respectively.
  • Without Helmet put or ( Without Seat Belt ) Penalties and Fines of ₹ 100 was earlier charged for driving a tied vehicle but now the amount of this Penalties and Fines has been increased to ₹ 500
  • It has been seen that people use mobile while driving, in view of this, earlier its Penalties and Fines amount was ₹ 100 but now it has been increased to ₹ 500.
  • Often people do not follow the new traffic rules and that (RED LIGHT) or take the car out of here and there, people who do this are going to face heavy Penalties and Fines because earlier the amount of Penalties and Fines was ₹ 100 on crossing the red light, now it has been increased to ₹ 300. Is
  • It has often been seen that people park their bike or car here and there where there is no parking allowed or people put the car in reverse, due to which other people have problem in getting out, in view of this, first its Penalties and Fines amount was ₹100 which has now been increased to ₹500
  • Due to the new traffic rules, if you make more noise in the vehicle or install a noisy silencer or music system which disturbs the people, then you will also have to pay Penalties and Fines on it, which earlier was ₹ 2000, now increase it. ₹4000 done
  • Apart from this, even if you do not give way to an ambulance or a fire extinguishing vehicle, you can be fined up to ₹ 10000 (Penals and Fines).

driving license apply ekyc,driving license apply ekyc

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,driving license apply ekyc,driving license apply ekyc

driving license apply ekyc

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