‘Hemant Biswa Sharma is the main culprit for Guwahati’s flood problem’ – Akhil Gogoir’s comment on the flood situation in Hatigaon

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A representative of RISE team visited the forested area of ​​Hatigaon Sijubari. Rise Party President Akhil Gogoi, Rachel Hussain and other party workers attended. Chief Minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma sharply criticized Akhil Gogoi. Sivasagar MLA told the Chief Minister incompetent

Akhil Gogoi says, “Hemant Bishwa Sharma is responsible for the development of Guwahati. Himanta Biswa Sharma also failed as Minister of Education and Minister of Health. Himanta Bishwa Sharma is the main culprit of the problem of ban in Guwahati. Where did Himanta Biswa Sharma run away during the floods? ,

Akhil Gogoi also said that there is no one in the world other than Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma who took selfie with the airplane. The MLA says, “Today’s chief minister was Heno’s secret minister at that time. But those secret ministers could not save Guwahati. ,

Akhil Gogoi asked the question whether the commission of the hidden wheel is for eating. Akhil Gogoi is the current Guwahati Development Minister who is most wary of Guwahati looting. simultaneously Akhil Gogoi also commented that Ashok Singhal is the one who built the most number of houses on the hill.

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