Electoral Reform: Contesting from more than one seat will attract heavy fine or ban? The Election Commission told this to the government

Electoral Reform: The Election Commission, re-implementing a proposal of nearly two decades ago, has asked the government to introduce legislation to prohibit contesting from more than one seat. be amended. The commission said that if this cannot be done, then a provision of heavy fines should be made to curb this practice. In the event of a candidate winning two seats, vacating one becomes a compulsion to hold a by-election.

What are the current rules?

As per the existing election law, any candidate can contest from two different seats in a general election or by-election to multiple seats or biennial elections. If a person is elected from more than one seat, he can represent the same constituency.

The Election Commission had proposed in 2004 that certain sections of the Representation of the People Act be amended so that no candidate can contest two seats at the same time.

how much is the fine?

An official said, ‘‘If the existing provisions are upheld, then such a system should be in place that in the event of a by-election, the entire cost is recovered from the person whose resignation has vacated the seat.’’< /p>

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