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Dear friends, today we are going to tell you here that from where you will be able to easily download the registry of your house or any land ( Download Plot Registry ) Yes friends, if you have got your house registered and you do not have the original registry, then from where you can download its duplicate registry, we are going to tell you the process here.

download registry It is very easy to do The government has made its online arrangement. The government has started online business to download the history of any house plot or housing, whenever you get any land or farm in your name. and get it registered. Then a copy of it is uploaded by the government on the official website. Which you can download whenever you need it.

Download Plot Registry Land Property Bainama

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Registry Kya Hoti Hai?

There is a question in the mind of many people that what is the registry, then let us tell you here that whenever you sell the house plot of your land to another person. or buy from someone else. So you have to officially register your name in it, for which you have to pay stamp duty to the government. And outside that the government makes you the owner of that land, farm house, plot, etc.

While buying a house or plot, you have to submit the stamp duty chart which gets deposited in the government treasury. And every time you get the registry done, so many times you have to pay stamp duty.

Stamp duty Kya Hoti Hai?

If you are buying a new property, then you have to pay some fee to the government, this fee is set by the state governments, using this the state government verifies the registry in your name and whoever Becoming the owner of the property validates all his documents and gives him the official title of the property.

jamin Ki Registry karwate time kitni fees deni hoti hai?

This question must have come in the mind of many people that whenever we buy any land or any house or any property, then how much stamp duty we have to pay for that i.e. how many rupees stamps we have to put in it. You know that if you buy staff at different prices then you have to put stamps of different values.

Whatever the value of the property is made at the time of getting the land registry done. If we say this in simple words, then the price of whatever property is made ranges from 5 to 7%, apart from this the registration fee is up to 1% of the market value of the property, apart from this it is determined by the state governments. So in each of the states, this price can go up and down, for the correct information about it, once you contact in your tehsil.

How to get the land registered?

The question would also come in your mind that how do we get the registry of the land done or how to transfer the registry in the name of another person. So if you also want to buy land or you are buying a house plot or property, then for that you have to get the land registered as follows.

stamp duty

Land registration process?

1. First of all go to your nearest Tehsil.
2. After going there, you can take the help of a lawyer to get the stamp duty paper prepared.
3. After that you determine the value of the land?
4. After that you get the papers ready to buy and sell the land.
5. Get the signatures of the buyer and the seller after all the stamps are ready on duty.
6. Here you need the signature of 22 witnesses
7. And finally go to the registrar and get your registry verified where it will be deposited.
8. After this, after 42 days, it can be obtained from the Registry of Registrar Office.
9. After 2 to 3 months you can download the copy of registry from the online website.

Download Plot Registry / How to Download Registry?

  • Click here first to download official website ✔Visit |
  • here in front of you How to Download Registry There will be two options for it, Rural and Urban, you can choose as per your requirement.

  • After this the next page will open in front of you where you will have to fill some information.

Download Plot Registry

  • After that you have to click on View Details Here.
  • Now another new page will open in front of you.
  • Here you will see the second article letter, click above.
  • After some time your registry will be downloaded here.
  • Now you can see the registry from here.

Learn how to download Land Property Bainama, Registry of the video.

How to calculate stamp duty on plot.

If you have to deduct the stamp duty of your house building or any property that how much tax you have to pay to the government on it, then you can determine it according to the way mentioned below.

Because the government has to register the property in its name by paying a percentage fee of registration, after which it is registered by the government in your name.

To calculate Stamp Duty, click on the link given here and visit the website of Calculate.
Enter your property price after successfully opening the website.

  • After entering the price, click on the Calculate button.
  • Now your stamp duty will come down in front of you.
  • In this way you can easily check your stamp duty.

Land Property Bainama

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How to Download Registry

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