Diesel was set on fire from his father’s auto. Fight broke out in sports, fired diesel from auto and set it on fire

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A 7-year-old boy set his 14-year-old friend on fire after a fight broke out during a game. He died on Wednesday during treatment while fighting for his life for about a month. Police has registered a case against the accused child under section 302 of murder. The matter is of Kota’s Udyog Nagar area.

father had gone to the vegetable shop
Udyog Nagar police station officer Manoj Sikarwar said that Vishal, a resident of Premnagar, died in the hospital on Wednesday. His father Chhotelal sets up a vegetable shop. Vishal also used to help his father. He had already left his studies. On May 12, both bought vegetables from the market and brought them. Chhotelal went to his shop. Vishal remained at home. After some time, he started playing with a 7-year-old boy living in the neighborhood. It is alleged that during this time both of them got into a fight over some issue. The family members got to know about it, but no one took it seriously. Thought that children often quarrel, then everything calms down. But this fight was not normal.

Was admitted in the hospital for a month
A 7-year-old boy took out a bottle full of diesel from his father’s auto parked nearby and sprinkled it on the partner. Before the boy could understand anything, he set fire to the match. In agony, he jumped into the water tank built nearby. The fire was extinguished, but it was more than 50 percent scorched. The child was admitted to MBS Hospital in critical condition.

Relatives of a grieving child outside the hospital’s mortuary. On May 12, a 14-year-old boy was set ablaze by his accomplice by pouring diesel. After about a month, he died in the hospital during treatment.

Doctors of MBS Hospital said that he was undergoing treatment for the last one month. The infection was increasing due to more than 50 percent burns. The child died on Wednesday afternoon. The body has been handed over to the relatives.

Kota came sometime back
The child who started the fire earlier lived with grandparents in the village of Sheopur in Madhya Pradesh. His father drives an auto in Kota. A month ago his father had brought him here for admission in the school. That’s when he became friends with a child living in the neighborhood. The two played together for a long time.

Action under JJ Act
Manoj Sikarwar said that a case has been registered against the child under section 302 of murder. At present, the child who set the fire is in Sheopur (Madhya Pradesh) along with his father. Police can interrogate the child as per rules. Action will be taken against the child only under the provisions of the JJ Act.

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