Decisions against public interest may pave way for Imran Khan, realizes PM

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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif is well aware that if he continues to take decisions against the public interest, it could pave the way for Imran Khan while there is a danger of backing down from the establishment.

This was stated by senior journalist and analyst Raza Rumi in New Age TV program “Khabar Se Aage”. He said that since the coming to power of Shahbaz Sharif government, the prices of petroleum products have been increased three times, which has increased the inflation rate in the country by about 20%.

Raza Rumi said that a few days ago I had a brief meeting with Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif which focused on the ongoing economic crisis in Pakistan. The Prime Minister seemed very upset about this situation.

He said that the Prime Minister was trying his best to get out of the current economic crisis which is facing the country but he was also fully aware of the fact that if inflation is high in the country then it will increase the grief and anger of the people. Will

He said that this could not only cause political damage to his party Muslim League but also pave the way for Imran Khan’s return. And the establishment may back down a bit because decisions are being made against the public interest.

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On the other hand, senior analyst Najam Sethi has said that who will be the next army or who will remain? Establishment leadership will be considered. This important decision will be made by B, not A and S. He said the change in November was no longer so significant. So to understand that there are going to be some decisions that will change the situation, I don’t think there is any such thing. Some decisions have been made. If the present government remains, whatever the leadership of the Establishment wishes, who will become the next army chief or who will remain, the same thing will be accepted, full stop.

These important things were said by Najam Sethi while talking in New Age TV program “Khabar Se Aage”. “I remember when the new army chief was to be appointed under Nawaz Sharif, I was associated with Geo TV at that time,” he said. Muneeb Farooq asked me in a program to tell us who is going to be the next commander of Pak army? But at that time everything was very strictly controlled and no one could understand because Nawaz Sharif kept this decision hidden in his heart. Even the PML-N leadership had no knowledge. My bird used to come and go but could not bring any news.

He said that considering the situation, I decided to go and get the news myself. What I found out at the time was that I pointed out in my program that “A” is for Apple and “B” is for Apple of Nawaz Sharif Eye. At that time people made noise but those who understood understood my point.

Najam Sethi said that when my show ended, I got a call that you have said wrong, not B but A will be the army chief. I was told to change your position in tomorrow’s program because if it became A it would not leave you but it did not happen and then finally it became B. Now I am going to say one more thing that now neither A nor S will decide, whatever decisions are made, B will do.


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