Children ‘scream with joy’ as Salford nursery gets ‘good’ Offstad report inspection

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A nursery school in Swinton is rated “Good” across the board by inspection. Officials from Offstead visited the 32-location St. Luke’s Pre-School on 6 May and concluded that its overall effectiveness was “good”.

The assessment was similar for quality of education, attitudes and attitudes, personal development and leadership and management. However, there were three areas where the facility, located at St Luke’s Parish Center on Swinton Park Road, needed improvement.

Staff need to “ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of all children in group time”, and provide them with opportunities to learn about different cultures, religions, and beliefs and to help children develop their self-care. need to. [toileting] skills. In his report, Inspector Yvonne Gloster wrote: “The children arrive at pre-school with a big smile on their faces and are happy to leave their parents.

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“They are welcomed at the door by the friendly staff. This helps children feel safe and secure in pre-school. Children move around in indoor and outdoor environments, freely choosing where they go want to play

“They scream with joy in the outdoor arena as they blow bubbles and give chase.” She said that managers and staff recognize the impact of COVID-19 on children’s communication skills.

As a result, she said, they have designed their curriculum to promote high-quality interactions with children, she continued. Ms Gloster said children are provided with healthy snacks and nutritious meals, but added: “Staff do not help children adequately develop their self-care skills.

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“For example, children are not provided with appropriate cutlery to eat at lunch and often begin to use their fingers. In addition, staff do not have a regular routine to support children’s toilet training it occurs.”

He said that the leaders know their family and community very well. They support the language development of children who speak English as an additional language by including their home language within their teaching.

But she added: “However, staff provides limited opportunities for children to learn about cultures, religions, and beliefs other than Christianity.” At the same time, security arrangements are in place.

All staff demonstrate secure knowledge and understanding of policies, procedures and actions required to keep children safe. “There is a rigorous recruitment process in place to ensure that employees working with children are appropriate,” Ms Glaster said.

All staff are trained in pediatric first aid and create medical care plans for children who need them, the report said. At the time of inspection, the nursery was taking care of two to four-year-old children.

It employs five members of the childcare staff, all of whom have the appropriate qualifications for the formative years at Level 3 and above. It is open from Tuesday to Friday, with term time only sessions running from 8 am to 3.30 pm.

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